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  • AtomInvest


    Global alternative investment platform providing users access to leading private equity, venture capital and hedge fund investments

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    BRICKX is a unique product (globally, but launched in the Australian market) allowing Australian investors to invest in Australian residential real estate for a fraction of the cost of buying a house/investment property. Residential real estate has long been a popular choice for investors, and holds a high affinity with the Australian population, however, increasing popularity in this type of asset, increased foreign investment (especially from China), low interest rates, and increased lending options has contributed to pushing housing prices to levels which are now becoming unaffordable to many (including both first home buyers and existing investors). In addition the processes involved in buying a house (open house visits, surveys, auctions) can be tedious and frequently end in disappointment, causing frustration and disillusion with this investment asset class. The BRICKX product aims to solve for this, by allowing investors to invest whatever amounts they wish, whilst providing easy and instant access to selected and highly vetted residential investment properties, on time horizons that fit their investment strategy and goals. BRICKX through its expert property team (including the Chief Economist of REA Group and Head of Research at CoreLogic) and buying team select properties for the BRICKX platform and acquires them upfront (not crowdfunding). This is put into a standalone fixed trust, which is then split into 10,000 units (known as Bricks). Investors can then buy the Bricks (up to 5% per investor of an individual property) and whilst owner of the Bricks, they are eligible to receive their share of the net monthly rental income and also earn possible capital gains. Each property is rented out, with professional property managers ensuring suitable tenants are found and managed (on behalf of the investors). Every 6 months the property is independently valued giving an underlying value of an individual Brick. Bricks are traded (similar to a stock exchange) on a secondary market (each property has one) which is underpinned by the transparency and independence of the information on the Platform – this is key in allowing investors to trade their Bricks and invest in a particular property (or properties) of their choice on their own particular time horizons. Over 2 years of design (in conjunction with the ASIC innovation team and our legal team – we were the first company into their scheme) has led us to design and launch a thoroughly thought out product, which maximizes the benefits of such a product to investors, whilst also mitigating risk wherever possible. In explaining how this product is different to other products in the market, quite simply there are no comparables. However, in explaining how BRICKX provides differentiated and improved options for investors and those wanting to enter the real estate investment market, we have highlighted a few of the features and benefits: - Affordability and accessibility – designed as a purely online platform, with a dedicated mobile experience, BRICKX can be accessed anytime from anywhere, for investing or checking your portfolio. In addition, with Bricks starting from under $100, this allows almost anyone to be able to access the Australian property market. BRICKX allows instant ownership with a signing up process which takes less than 5 minutes. There is no paperwork – it is fully digital and automated including KYC and AML checks. You start earning monthly rental income from the moment you invest. This compares favourably to the process of trapesing around open houses/missing out at auctions and the other time consuming processes involved in acquiring a property. In addition our signup process, with full automation is at the cutting edge of financial products and onboarding. Ability to diversify – diversification is an important part of an investor's strategy, and with a number of properties on the Platform (split between NSW and VIC currently) with varying yields, levels of gearing etc, investors are easily able to build a diversified property portfolio by investing in Bricks in different properties. The ability to hold a share in 7 properties is more easily done on BRICKX than can be done via the traditional way of owning property (buying it). Earn capital returns and rental income– as an owner of a Brick(s), investors earn their share of the monthly rental income (after expenses) and can also sell their Bricks to earn Capital Returns on the secondary market. The average time to sell your Brick (measured since launch) was 16 hours – bringing a greater liquidity to the property market than has ever been seen before. Hassle free management – all properties are managed by a professional property management team, taking the hassles out of property ownership for investors. This approach allows BRICKX to successfully manage the properties which in some instances have now got over 1,100 investors. Unparalleled liquidity - sell when you want – lack of liquidity is a particular downfall of investing in residential real estate via the traditional method. The BRICKX Platform allows investors to list their Bricks for sale when they want, providing a similar experience to a stock exchange. As mentioned previously the average time to sell since launch is 16 hours. BRICKX is a completely unique product, which puts the customer at the centre of its innovation and development, ensuring everyone has access to invest in prime Australian residential real estate. Since launch we have established 5 different segments, across over 2,700 customers (in just 3 months) – whilst most Australians are interested in investing in residential real estate, they have different motivations. We are currently building unique experiences for each of these, to ensure the interaction is customized and relevant. First Home Savers – We’re already getting fantastic traction from a number of investors who are using BRICKX to save for their house deposit – saving in line with the property market. In this low yield environment, where savings are not climbing as quick as Sydney and Melbourne real estate has been, this provides an alternative to save in line with your ultimate goal. This segment represents 35% of our customers (all under the age of 35 and have never invested in real estate before). Budding Investors - These investors are now able to access the residential property market for less than the outlay or cost of buying an entire property. They value being able to invest in Bondi Beach, Mosman or Port Melbourne for example as part of a diversified strategy along with shares. Self Managed Super Fund Investors (SMSF’s) - This group of investors are able to take a set and forget approach to investing in residential real estate that wasn’t possible previously without buying the entire property. They are now able to take a diversified approach, spreading their risk across different properties and also different asset classes. Parents – BRICKX is currently working on a tailored environment, where parents can start to save for their child’s future (and maybe future deposit) in line with the housing market. Regular contributions over a long period will certainly help give a child the chance of having a decent house deposit in the future. Students and Young Investors - BRICKX is already becoming not just the tool that provides first access to residential real estate market, but believes it has a role to play in education of how this asset class works. Through blogs, webinars, and unrivalled transparency, we are educating and empowering young investors to become more knowledgeable and financially literate. Most Australians will fit into one of the segments above, and we’re proud to have created a product with such universally wide appeal.

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  • Call Levels


    Call Levels - The world's simplest finance app that provides highly reliable financial price monitoring and notifications for anyone in the financial markets, equalising the playing field for all levels of investors. Our unique selling points are: - Multi-Assets: Currently covering 10,000+ assets - Patent-pending Technology: Scalable while maintaining linear cost base - Simplicity: Less than 3 secs to create a Call Level and all functions can be completed on one-hand We understand that over 300 million investors globally share these 3 common problems in the financial markets. 1.Fear of missing out (FOMO) They feel the need to constantly watch the market to capture profitable opportunities. This presents a stressful experience and discourages participation. 2. Existing market notification service not available to all Only the top 1% notably high-net worth clients (HNW) and institutional investors, enjoy the privilege of being notified when market opportunities arise since such a service is labor-intensive, not scalable and expensive. 3. Current solutions are expensive Available solutions are costly, not user-friendly and offer poor digital user experiences, such as requiring multiple logins and/or steps. Call Levels' open API monitoring system thus serves as the solution to these problems as it can easily be integrated with any cloud-based interfaces. This allows us to service individual users via multiple channels such as ChatBots, Apps, Websites etc. No matter what platform users use, they will enjoy: - Reliable & Immediate Notifications when market opportunities arise - Round-The-Clock monitoring and alert functions anytime, anywhere Most importantly, this technology is inexpensive, scalable and accessible for all. In our latest project, Call Levels is working with Microsoft on an Excel Plugin solution which will allow any financial user to get financial prices directly on Excel. By replicating the commonly used Bloomberg functions in Excel such as =BLP(), =BDH(), users will be able to maintain their current workflow in Excel and perform tasks like portfolio rebalancing, balance sheet management, charting etc. without having to gain access to the Bloomberg Terminal to obtain financial prices. This can also be built within the secured enterprise cloud solution that is powered by Microsoft Azure. This Excel Plugin is fully integrated within Office 365 and can be deployed as a plug-and-play solution by financial institutions and other enterprises without them needing to invest heavily into building their own systems.

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  • Capitali.se


    Capitali.se is the innovative, award winning and magical way to use natural language to bring your investment ideas to life. Use the simplicity of your words for accurate trade execution and never miss a market opportunity. Suitable for seasoned pros and consumers alike, we simplify the trading process by translating words into triggers to execute trades. Write any condition, simple or complex, such as: 'IF Trump signs the executive order to build the Mexican wall THEN buy $2,000 of the top 5 US cement companies weighted by market cap.€� Lean back as your trades are automatically executed, if all your conditions are met.

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    provides a cutting edge investment platform for the individual. DIY.FUND is not a brokerage, but a SaaS platform that is fully integrated with leading online brokers.

    gives individuals complete control to manage their own diversified portfolio

    Intelligent portfolio monitoring
    Constantly searches for opportunities for individuals to optimize their positions.
    Alerts individuals when their portfolios no longer match their risk parameters
    Proactively recommends portfolio adjustments, using machine learning techniques.
    Numerous statistical, and performance metrics
    Portfolio Rebalancing and Tax Loss Harvesting Tools.

    While DIY.FUND analyzes the markets and our users accounts for opportunities to create a better, more diverse portfolio, ultimately we give the power to the individual.

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  • ETNA

    The past 12 months has seen a major shake-up in the sector with a number of high-profile consolidation processes witnessed within retail broker-dealership businesses. Armed with proof of tightening competition and the crucial role that technology is playing, ETNA Trader has unleashed its blueprints to democratize the market and allow small to mid-sized U.S. retail brokerages to remain competitive. ETNA provides an innovative white label online trading platform-as-a-service to broker-dealers, robo-advisors, and alternative investing platforms.

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  • Excel Capital Management, Inc.


    We understand that you may be speaking with -- or already working with -- other funding groups; you might consider the following when you're weighing your options: Excel Capital Management is a Direct Funder/Broker; Excel Capital Management invests its own capital at times, so you're speaking directly with the decision-makers, So we can price match any deal you have on the table.

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  • FinTank


    FInTank is an innovative FinTech hub.

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  • gradement


    gradement offers access to proprietary ratings and financial statements for 25.000+ public companies worldwide. This easy to use ratings encapsulates all the accounting complexities of the financial statements in a single numerical value that varies from 0 to 10. The proprietary and investor-oriented financial statements include a non GAAP/IFRS Free Cash Flow Statement that analyze the free cash available to the firm and equity.

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  • Halo Investing


    Halo Investing is the first independent multi-issuer platform for the investment product, Structure Notes. Structured Notes are a $400 billion market in the United States and typically issued by Financial Institutions to provide exposure to the performance of the underlying asset-often a stock, index, or ETF-which includes a buffer against market fluctuations on the downside. Halo’s platform drives efficiency and transparency in a previously opaque, fee intensive market only available to the ultra-high net worth. Spanning from education to pre-trade analytics, instant custom pricing, and post-trade management-- Halo offers easy web-based access to manage the entire lifecycle of the investment product.

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  • HedgeSPA


    Democratizing Access to Advanced Investment Analytics!

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  • IEX


    IEX is on a mission to build fairer markets. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, IEX introduced its first trading venue in 2013 and launched as a U.S. stock exchange in 2016. IEX is the stock exchange that believes that every investor has the right to trade on equal and fair terms, on every trade. Today, IEX regularly matches nearly 200 million shares daily with a notional value of over $10 billion.

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  • KloudTrader


    Algorithmic Trading for Non-programmers

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  • Neighborly


    Neighborly is helping to fund positive infrastructure projects by reducing the cost and complexity associated with the municipal bond market. Neighborly provides issuers with a previously untapped opportunity to raise capital in their own back yard, while offering individual investors affordable opportunities to invest in meaningful projects that directly impact their own communities.

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  • Quantiacs LLC


    Quantiacs provides institutional investors with access to the world’s largest selection of quantitative trading algorithms. Investors can cherry-pick algorithms that best complement their portfolios. Our team of professional quantitative developers and managers thoroughly review every algorithm on our marketplace and forward-tests them for a minimum of 6-months to ensure their robustness. Structurally, Quantiacs manages individual accounts to provide complete transparency and regular reporting. We handle the entire trading operation, provide risk management, and ensure regulatory compliance. Quantiacs Advantage Quantiacs has the distinct advantage of scalability and rigorous analyses show that our programs can accommodate over $4 billion in AUM without sacrificing performance. Quantiacs requires all algorithms incorporate highly conservative slippage and cost models while sophisticated order execution algorithms minimize market impact. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our algorithmic programs can scale to the levels required by institutional investors by encouraging longer-term scalable strategies and our team is experienced in trading and directing customer accounts. Fees and Cost Structure Quantiacs charges no management fee. Our investors retain 80% of all profits generated by the Algorithms they invest in. The remaining 20% is split evenly between the quant researcher (10%) and Quantiacs (10%). Quantiacs waives the typical 2% management fee so that all interests are aligned.

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  • Seedrs


    Seedrs is an online platform for investing in the equity of startups and other growth companies and has been named the most active investor in private companies in the UK*. It allows all types of investors to invest as little or as much as they like (from £10) in businesses they believe in and share in their success. And it allows ambitious businesses in all sectors to raise capital and build community through an efficient, online process. Seedrs headquarters is in London, and have offices in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. We are currently open to investors and entrepreneurs based anywhere in Europe, and we will be launching in the United States shortly. Seedrs is the most active investor in private companies in the UK and has had more than £190 million invested into campaigns on the platform, and we have funded over 460 deals to date since 2012. In 2016 alone, 159 deals were funded and over £85 million from 45,000 investments was pumped into campaigns on the platform. October 2016 was a record month for investments with almost £20 million invested in campaigns Seedrs has the largest market share of the UK's equity crowdfunding sector with 49.3% of all investment activity.

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  • Stockpile


    Fractional share brokerage that is democratizing the stock market by making it easy for beginners of all ages to own a piece of their favorite companies.

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  • StockTwits, Inc.


    StockTwits is a real-time financial communications platform for the financial and investing community.

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  • Swell Investing


    Swell Investing is an online impact investing platform that helps people invest in portfolios of companies solving major global challenges.

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  • Truelytics


    Success in asset management is harder than ever to achieve. Financial advisors are under market, fee, and regulatory pressure. A recent study found that 60 percent of advisors will not be in business in the next 10 years, pushed out by retirement or the inability to run a successful practice. Truelytics is the first subscription-based software platform designed to help advisors continuously manage their practices better by benchmarking firm operations against the industry, as well as providing insights into changes that can be made to maximize the value of their practice. The technology behind Truelytics was developed by Gladstone Associates, a leading consulting firm for advisors founded by industry veterans Daniel Kreuter and Paul Lally. Truelytics acquired the technology and intellectual property assets of Gladstone Technology Partners in November, 2016. Truelytics provides a series of tools designed to benchmark and help increase the value of a company. These tools are focused around business stability, client stability and market stability. At launch the software's analysis capabilities includes 40 key performance indicators as well as estimates of the degree to which meeting these indicators would improve business value.

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  • untapt


    untapt is redefining tech hiring for FinTech. It's a talent marketplace that matches technology professionals with the financial institutions that need them. Behind the scenes, untapt uses Artificial Intelligence to match the skills and aspirations of technologists with the wants and needs of managers. The platform learns from every decision so it gets better and better at predicting the right fit. untapt is a graduate of the FinTech Innovation Lab and an American Banker FinTech company to watch.

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  • UpperRoom Technology


    UpperRoom Technology develops software that solves unaddressed problems in the bond market.

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  • Ustocktrade LLC


    Ustocktrade is the only platform in the world to offer T+0 settlement to individual investors, and the only stock trading platform in the United States to offer unlimited day trades to its clients without margin trading accounts. As the world’s first retail Alternative Trading System (ATS), Ustocktrade provides same-day trade settlement, at $1 per trade and $1 per month , to investors with the mission to bring Wall Street to Main Street and democratize access to the stock market. Ustocktrade is the brainchild of technology entrepreneur Tony Weeresinghe, the architect behind some of the world's most impressive equity trading systems, including the system used today by the London Stock Exchange Group. The company was founded with a dual social vision, to lower the barriers of entry to stock trading with sophisticated yet affordable financial technology and to financially support The Cainan Foundation, a nonprofit that builds schools and creates educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. Ustocktrade is available on iOS and Android devices as well as compatible with all web browsers.

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  • Zoonova.com


    ZOONOVA® was created as a resource for users who are active in world financial markets: It uniquely provides financial tools and a cross-asset software platform otherwise unavailable to online users.

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