When Uber And Airbnb Employees Need Financial Planning, SecFi Is The Company They Turn To

The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards are a yearly showcase of the greatest advents in fintech from leaders and visionaries in the worlds of finance and technology. This year, we have executives, developers and innovators from the likes of Facebook, Amazon, IBM, JP Morgan, Zelle, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation, Fidelity, and so many more.
In preparation for its biggest installment yet this May, we’re profiling the companies competing for the BZ Awards. In this feature we focus in on SecFi.

What does your company do? What unique problem does it solve?

SecFi is the financial advisor “for Silicon Valley” before they are wealthy. We offer:

  • option exercise tax planning for employees (AMT, income, federal, state)
  • option exercise loans
  • private shareholder loans (founders or shareholders)

We help employees understand what they have and help them get the financing for exercising.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are employees, shareholders and founders of late-stage private companies such as Uber, Pinterest, Lyft, Airbnb, etc.

How long have you been in business?

For just over one year now.

Where are you located?

Our main office is in San Francisco but a substantial portion of our technology is developed where I am from, Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Who is your company’s leadership? What kind of experience do they have?

Wouter Witvoet, Founder and CEO, SecFi – Wouter is the Founder and CEO of SecFi, which he founded after being frustrated with the process of exercising his options in his former role at a private company. He’s an experienced advisor with over $100M in institutional transactions to date. Before SecFi, he was the Chief of Staff and Head of Asia at Karhoo, responsible for much of its fundraising and managing a team of 30 people.

Frederik Mijnhardt, COO, SecFi – Frederik has over a decade of experience in corporate strategy, private equity, corporate development and M&A advising on projects and transactions ranging from $25MM to $2500MM. Frederik has worked at SecFi, Karhoo and Accenture Corporate Strategy arm, boutique advisory firms and several startups.

Who are your investors, if any?

Social Leverage led our seed round of $1M. FJ Labs and CoVenture also invested.

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This article was originally published on Benzinga by Chris Dier-Scalise, Benzinga Staff Writer.