Trillium Labs

Trillium Labs was founded in 2014, born out of a need to develop a trade surveillance solution that no existing market offerings could adequately meet. Since its inception, Trillium Labs has answered the needs of some of the most challenging questions in the financial industry. The Firm is comprised of a diverse group of strategists and technologists who all share a passion for solving problems in the fintech space. The Firm’s flagship post-trade surveillance tool, Surveyor, was designed so anyone can understand complicated and nuanced exceptions while addressing the industry’s biggest pain point – false positives. The team designed the only trade surveillance system that qualifies alerts using full depth-of-book market data, vs competing software which only look at the top of book. Surveyor’s mission to detect accurately and display intuitively is a testament to Trillium Lab’s dedication to provide accessible, intelligent solutions without pretense.


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