Vernon Davis

Partner & Senior Vice President, Business Development@Protis Global

Vern is Partner and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Protis Global. He brings a vast knowledge and business acumen to his role at PG. His past business life is enriched with over 32 years of broad and rewarding experiences. Prior to joining PG, Vern built a successful career, with experiences spread across Diageo, Beecham Products, Heublein, and United Distillers and Vintners. From entry level merchandiser to Vice President, Vern’s accomplishments and achievements resulted in numerous awards and acknowledgements, in addition to the hiring and training of dozens of professionals who were promoted under his leadership.

Vern’s experience has also driven a vast network across all types of consumer, food and beverage and cannabis. This network includes people that are investors, leaders, brand owners, executives, distributors, brokers and related partners throughout. Particularly as SVP of Business Development, Vern is responsible for leading and nurturing clients through advisory and search projects. Vern builds a rich and deep partnership with his clients that always delivers results, and Protis Global’s retention and performance metrics are the proof. Protis Global delivers the winning talent on average within 28.2 days, and their clients see an average of 3.8 candidates to make that winning hire. Protis Global is also consistently ranked at the very top of Global FMCG search firms.