Ryan Lafferty

Chief Operations Officer@Kush Development Group

For the past 20 years Ryan has worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and startups to implement change and inspire creative ways to approach and solve challenges and opportunities.

Ryan is an innovator, creative problem solver and professional educator with over twenty years of experience managing, developing and delivering creative solutions to complex problems. He has a proven ability to build high-performance operations, lead collaborative teams, generate revenue, and strengthen business relationships.

As a collaborative designer, his range of experience includes corporate branding and social responsibility, design thinking and service design, entrepreneurship and business development, innovation and change management, internal and external communications, marketing strategy, research and analysis, media and public relations, product development and design.

He works with teams to ignite creative thinking, design new products, enter new markets, explore company strategy, strengthen or redefine brands, evaluate new or existing processes and develop team creative chemistry.

His focus is on the value and strength of opposition thinking, and the power of innovation that is inspired by the chaos. He leads organizations down a path toward best practices, and uncover creative ways to empower teams to function at the highest level.