Ron Kolb

CEO & Founder@Sensi Magazine

Ron Kolb is the founder and CEO of Sensi Media Group, leading the company’s business strategy and overseeing its expansion into emerging markets and divisions. He is a proven business leader with more than 25 years experience in recruiting, marketing, and advertising in the publishing industry. 

In his previous role with Best Version Media, he served as the National Director of US Recruiting and South Region Manager at one of the country’s fastest-growing privately held media companies. He led the brand’s first national expansion efforts, driving its growth from its one initial market into hundreds of markets across the country in just four years. During that time, he helped develop a team of proven leaders who dominated every category of the business (publisher, division, and region).

In early 2015, Ron visited Colorado, which had recently become the first state to legalize cannabis for adult use, and he recognized a gap in the brand-new industry. Startup cannabis brands were eager to reach a wide audience of mainstream consumers who were curious about the newly legal products and hungry for information but unsure about where to start. Ron’s strength is his vision—the ability to visualize the future and see the path forward to its realization. Two months after his initial visit, he and his family moved to Colorado where Ron began executing his plan to create a series of local lifestyle magazines with a pro-cannabis stance in markets around the country. His passion is helping people grow, and his strength is team building, especially in sales training and development. Ron believes culture is key to a company’s success. In spring 2016, the first edition of Sensi magazine launched in Denver/Boulder and began connecting cannabis, culture, and community. Just four years later, Ron was leading a team of sales executives and creative talents publishing monthly Sensi magazines in 15 markets around the country.