Roger brown


Roger has a passion for building innovative companies to fill the gaps he sees in critical industries. In 2008 Roger founded what became Florida’s first ever cannabis testing facility, ACS Laboratory. Today, ACS is the largest third-party testing and compliance operation in the eastern U.S.A. with proprietary methods to accurately test cannabis, hemp and all derivative products.

Prior to founding ACS, Roger was president of CMB Additives, an animal feed additive manufacturer. In 1996, he founded MD to You, a mobile physicians’ group that sent doctors to elderly patients’ homes and assisted living facilities throughout the state of Florida.

Throughout his tenure, Roger has owned or operated several medical businesses. Over the course of 6 years, he taught surgical procedures domestically and internationally using specialty instrumentation such as laparoscopy and surgical staples.

With this medical expertise, Roger launched ACS in 2008 as a clinical laboratory operating at the highest standards of accuracy. ACS’s methods were proven, but over time Roger had a new vision for the company. With the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida and throughout the country, Roger saw a gap that ACS needed to fill asap.

He promptly transformed ACS into Florida’s first cannabis testing company. Under his leadership, ACS has received 21 coveted Emerald Test™ badges, the most of any laboratory in the entire U.S. These badges prove cannabis laboratories’ ability to deliver reliable results, using standards established in the environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water and petrochemical industries.

ACS is also the largest laboratory in the state to be ISO17025 accredited, AHCA licensed, CLIA certified and DEA licensed. Its focus is to continually support cannabis companies’ ability to deliver clean, safe products in a manner that promotes positive standards throughout the industry. As such, ACS is the largest and most trusted cannabis and hemp laboratory in the USA.

Brown is a frequent speaker at national conferences such as The Cannabis Lab Conference, Concentration Conference and the Oregon Virtual Hemp Summit; an instructor and mentor at the CBD Training Academy, and a regular contributor at cannabinoid industry groups. He is also a board member of the Hemp Industries Association of Florida, which focuses on ensuring hemp reaches its full commercial potential in Florida.

Brown holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville. A resident of Highland Beach, Florida, he enjoys skiing, cycling and boating in his free time.