Karim Nehme

President and Co-Founder@New Maple Holdings Ltd.

Karim Nehme is the President and Co-Founder of New Maple Holdings Ltd.– a diversified and federally licensed cannabis holdings company based in Canada.  Karim holds an HBA from the University of Toronto and an MBA (with distinction) from the Schulich School of Business.  Drawing on his global background, Karim’s professional experience encompasses the telecom, data analytics, and logistics industries.  Karim has worked in both private growing businesses and established, publicly traded companies.  Karim’s track record of success includes implementing ISO 9001 quality assurance standards for an international trucking firm and preparing USD 20 billion+ worth of bids for major Middle Eastern projects with AECOM. Since New Maple’s founding, Karim has helped raise over $12 million in private capital, growing the company with an industry leading team and securing access to over 1.4 million square feet of cultivation and processing space.