Josh Kincaid

Analyst@C3 Fund

In a galaxy far far away, Josh was a Securities Risk Analyst managing a $650 million fund in the Investment Banking Industry with proven success in finance, compliance, and operations within a highly regulated industry. He’s experienced the Financial Industry’s stringent regulatory environment and survived a myriad of regulatory changes in the Cannabis Industry. Yet remains informed of potential changes that could impact the industry, to best leverage his client’s resources and maximize success.


Josh has been connecting individuals and businesses within all facets of the supply chain since his internship at the World Trade Center. He keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry utilizing technology and data from HeadSet, New Frontier Data and the Cannabis Alliance, remaining informed by analyzing economic market reactions over the last 8 years.


Josh was the Committee Chair at The Cannabis Alliance in an effort to try and overturn Washington State’s felony to operate a cannabis cafe, as well as lead the charge drafting a bill to allow for consumption lounges. In his spare time, he produces a cannabis business podcast called The Talking Hedge.


Josh is on the Board of Advisors, as well as a Capital Market Analyst, Director of Finance and contract CFO for companies throughout North America. He has a degree in International Business Management from Western Washington University and a Masters in Finance from City University of Seattle and intends to leverage his resources and expertise to drive the Cannabis Industry further.