John Moynan

COO & General Counsel@SLANG Worldwide

John Moynan added Chief Operating Officer responsibilities to his existing role as SLANG’s General Counsel in 2020. As COO, he is responsible for the Company’s partnerships, production, products, distribution and procurement as well as day-to-day operations. As the General Counsel of SLANG, Mr. Moynan has developed a unique expertise in the legal landscape of the cannabis industry which he uses as the foundation for providing strategic value across every function of the business. Mr. Moynan has served with SLANG and its predecessor companies for the past six years, playing an instrumental role in the expansion of the company’s distribution footprint and the structuring of agreements with the Company’s strategic partners such as Trulieve Cannabis Corp, Cookies and Canopy Growth. Mr. Moynan earned a Doctor of Law from the University of Colorado School of Law and a B.A. in Communication from Arizona State University.