Joe Caltabiano

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Co-Founder@Cresco

Joe Caltabiano is a respected and important voice in today’s emergent cannabis industry. Caltabiano regularly provides guidance to startups and established companies alike. Uncovering opportunities even during a bear market, Caltabiano draws from his extensive financial expertise in retail, real estate, operations and the regulated cannabis industry.

Caltabiano served as president of Cresco Labs from 2013 through early 2020. As co-founder, Caltabiano expanded the vertically integrated multi-state cannabis company from a small start-up with big ideas to one of the most influential and profitable Multi-state Operators in the U.S. Cresco Labs is now a public company operating in eleven states with more than 1,800 employees. During his tenure there, Caltabiano helped the company expand its footprint into strategic U.S. markets and sourced multiple M&A transactions. He guided Cresco through numerous rounds of multimillion-dollar capital raises, including the company’s initial financial support that helped it launch. In addition to running all the revenue-generating activities at the company, Caltabiano oversaw all construction development and real estate matters Caltabiano launched the Sunnyside retail brand and applied its wellness theme to Cresco’s existing dispensaries and their consolidated product offerings. He also led brand building at Cresco Labs, launching the operator’s house of industry-leading brands including Cresco, Remedi, Reserve and Mindy’s edibles.

Before co-founding Cresco, Caltabiano served as senior vice president of mortgage banking at Guaranteed Rate, one of the most trusted mortgage providers in the U.S. During his time at Guaranteed Rate, Caltabiano closed over $2.5 billion in loan volume and was ranked in the top 100 loan officers for 10 consecutive years, reaching No. 3 in closed loan volume.

Caltabiano is a childhood leukemia survivor who continues to support organizations and efforts to help others in their fight against cancer. He has been honored as Man of the Year by the Chicago Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, an organization for which he has raised more than a million dollars. Caltabiano also has been involved with efforts of other similar groups, including the Gateway for Cancer Research, the Imerman Angels cancer support network, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.