Gregg Steinberg


Gregg is CEO of Growcentia, a Ft. Collins Co. based company that manufactures organically derived microbial plant growth stimulants that enable growers to maximize the yield and health of various crops. Mammoth P® – Growcentia’s first product, was developed by its founders at Colorado State University and is the leading P solubilizing microbial biostimulant in the cannabis market. Mammoth P naturally liberates phosphorus and micronutrients to maximize plant growth and bud yields. The company launched in 2015 and is now sold coast to coast in the US as well as in Australia, Spain, Jamaica, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and the UK.

Prior to joining Growcentia Gregg founded Charlemagne Global Advisory a strategy and operations advisory firm for both for profit and not for profit entities. Projects and initiatives of CGA have been in and around the incubation and acceleration of early and development stage start-up ventures as well as more mature enterprises. Previous to founding CGA, Gregg was the President and/or Managing Director of numerous associated companies delivering a broad spectrum of strategic consulting and other professional services. The company was listed twice (both times in the top 10) by INC. magazine in the INC. 500. Cumulative revenues under Gregg’s presidency exceeded $2 billion.

Gregg is a member of the Board of Directors of The ArcView Group. The Arcview Investor Network currently consists of 600+ accredited investors. More than 160 companies have raised at least $150 million as a result of their participation in Arcview. Arcview is also a partner in Canopy, a seed-stage business accelerator.

Gregg also serves on the Board of the Simon School Venture Fund (Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, NY).