Chad Bonstein - Fyllo

Chad Bronstein

Founder, CEO, & Board Member@Fyllo

Chad has established himself as a leader and trailblazer in the digital world. Most recently charged with running a billion-dollar adtech business, Chad’s principles of leadership and sales success have made the critical difference for numerous companies in the digital space.

Following executive sales positions at a series of tech firms including Citysearch, Bankrate, and Epic Marketplace, Chad joined Adconion Media Group as a regional sales director in 2011. Within two years, Chad grew his territory from one employee to over 50, generating annual revenue of over $100 million. That success led to several acquisitions including the $235 purchase of Adconion. Chad was then asked to integrate three companies—Adconion, Amobee, and Kontera—while managing the combined revenue operations.

Under his leadership the new company, now named Amobee, grew dramatically in size and dominance, assisted by the purchase of Turn for $310 million in 2017. Throughout his career, Chad’s talents in go-to-market strategy, mergers and acquisitions, sales, and corporate partnerships has helped him stay one step ahead of the market while creating significant corporate value and profitability.