Ben Kaplan

CEO@Ehave, Inc.

Ehave, Inc. is a provider of digital therapeutics delivering evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients. Our primary focus is on improving the standard care in therapeutics to prevent or treat brain disorders or diseases through the use of digital therapeutics, psychedelics, independently or together,
with medications, devices, and other therapies to optimize patient care and health outcomes meeting
privacy and HIPAA & GDPR Compliant. Our main product is the Ehave Dashboard which is a mental
health informatics platform that allows clinicians to make objective and intelligent decisions through
data insight using Blockchain technology. The Ehave dashboard offers Offline Encrypted Digital Records
Empowering Healthcare providers and patients and it’s a powerful machine learning and artificial
intelligence platform using artificial intelligence to extract deep insights from audio, video and text to
improve research with a growing set of advanced tools and applications developed by Ehave and its
leading partners. This empowers patients, healthcare providers, and payers to address a wide range of
conditions through high quality, safe, and effective data-driven involvement with intelligent and accessible tools.