Alex Rowland

Co-Founder & CEO@NewTropic

Alex Rowland, Co-Founder & CEO.  Mr. Alex Rowland is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of NewTropic, one of the largest cannabis manufacturers in California. Mr. Rowland is also the Chairman and CEO of ANP Holdings, a diversified debt and equity investment operation and consulting firm, and a co-founder of Ensemble Brands, a cannabis brand accelerator. 

 Prior to his current roles, Mr. Rowland founded several advertising technology companies including Emerge Digital Group, which was ranked the 8th fastest growing business in the US in 2013 and the fastest growing company in California that year. Prior to his career in media, Mr. Rowland founded USPowerSolutions, an enterprise SaaS company focused on the deregulated energy market, which ultimately sold to Green Mountain Energy in 2002. 

 Mr. Rowland currently serves on several advisory boards across a variety of industries and works to help upcoming entrepreneurs realize their vision in complex markets.