Everett Knight

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Capital Markets@The Valens Company

Mr. Knight is Executive Vice President of Strategy & Investments where he oversees corporate strategy including mergers & acquisitions, marketing, & investor relations. Mr. Knight is known across the cannabis space for his expertise and thought leadership where he has been involved with working, analyzing, lobbying, investing, advising, & consulting throughout the cannabis value chain. Previous to Valens, Mr. Knight was a portfolio manager at Matco Financial Inc where he ran the Small Cap Fund and launched the first long only institutional Cannabis Fund in Canada and led them both become the top performing funds in their corresponding categories. He has toured over 85 facilities worldwide and analyzed over 1200+ cannabis globally where he accumulated a thorough understanding of the industry, regulations, subsectors, and the companies involved in this fast-growing space. His focus in the cannabis industry has shifted in recent years to developing a specialty in extraction, testing, formulation, & value-added products. Mr. Knight has spoken at 150+ cannabis events across the globe including trade shows, corporate conferences, investor events, government forums, and legal/regulatory debates.

“We are in the second inning of the development of one of the largest industries in the world and the hard work we put in today will lay the framework around the world” said Everett Knight, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Investments. “It’s personal to me. I’ve seen the benefits of cannabis first hand and I have a responsibility to pass on the knowledge I have accumulated so that others can have access to cannabis around the globe.”