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Steve Riparip

Founder & Head Strategist

Tact Firm LLC

With over 15 years of creative expertise and a decade of entrepreneurial leadership, Steve Riparip is the CEO and founder of Tact Firm, a trailblazing Retail Retention & Loyalty Marketing Agency.

Since diving into the cannabis industry 5 years ago, his mission through Tact Firm has been clear: to create a more profitable cannabis industry where his partnerships result in thriving companies and loyal, delighted customers. This creates businesses and brands staff are proud to work for and justifies the owner’s risk. Steve wants to decrease the failure of great brands run by great people.

Tact is known for their data obsession, meticulous attention to detail, and an insatiable curiosity about customer behaviours. Tact Firm strives for real, measurable results. This has fueled Tact’s rapid growth and the success of the stores they manage. Together with the store owners and investors, they manifest a future where everyone in the cannabis industry prospers. Tact Firm currently works with dispensaries across Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Vermont.