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Laura Eisman

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Her Highness

Laura Eisman is Co-founder of Her Highness ( @herhighnessnyc) a women-owned luxury cannabis lifestyle brand unapologetically focused on the feminine consumer. Laura is a several-time entrepreneur and early internet pioneer, well known for founding, the premier destination for women’s online shopping, in 1998. Fiercely filling a white space within the cannabis industry, Her Highness is leading the way as the first female national and international cannabis lifestyle brand. Her Highness’ THC line is available in CA, NV, MA, in contract for CO, OH, PA and Canada, with additional states in negotiations. Simultaneously, Her Highness’ hemp-CBD and accessory collections have gained national media buzz, making the brand known and accessible to all women. Her Highness is backed by Merida Capital, an early investor.