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John Kaweske



John Kaweske is an entrepreneur, business expert, and CEO of North Star Holdings, Inc. a multi-state operator of cannabis business. Mr. Kaweske is also president of Bio Clean Energy, S.A. a holding company with diversified assets in the clean energy sector. John Kaweske has decades of experience in the biotechnology sector. He spent nearly 20 years as a Managing Director within investment banking firms, specifically focusing on reviewing startup companies within biotech for potential investment. He has participated on the Board of Directors of several companies and closed a number of lucrative M&A transactions.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create his own biodiesel company (Bio Clean Energy) in Brazil allowing him to contribute to the development of new technologies in the clean energy sector. When founding Bio Clean Energy, John Kaweske was able to successfully negotiate and close Venture Capital funding from a premier fund in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He negotiated and closed loans with four banks in Brazil for capital expenditures and working capital. Simultaneously, he strategically planned all aspects of the company from site selection to production and financial management. Today, he is still in charge of all corporate procedures. In May 2018, Bio Clean Energy, S.A. won a $36 million biodiesel supply contract from Bolivia Government Oil Companies.

John Kaweske is also an independent consultant, helping clients efficiently establish and run their own biodiesel facilities. The last 11 years of experience running and operating Bio Clean Energy has given him a wealth of expertise, strategic insight, and technical knowledge, establishing him as a thought leader within his industry and a valuable resource to his clients. In his spare time, John Kaweske enjoys practicing meditation and mindfulness.