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JJ McKay


The Fresh Toast

Combining vision, energy, leadership, and the ability to execute a plan with swift precision, JJ McKay has spent the past two decades helping to build and grow large-scale consumer focused organizations, both regional and national in scope. McKay has worked with startups, media, and big box organizations, quickly providing direction, goal setting, and customer engagement for clients such as Sunrun, Fisher Media, CTI Pharma and more. McKay has proven success with national scope consumer engagement programs with Costco, the American Heart Association and other companies.

Connected, strategic, and a natural leader who values hard work and a team-building environment, McKay thrives in the start-up arena, where he has vast experience in sales, connecting with the consumer, partnerships, budgets, client-building, and large-audience capture. With a unique, media-savvy perspective and a broad, global reach across multiple industries, McKay is able to parlay his vision to both business and editorial objectives. Long associated with the media business, McKay is knowledgeable in the engagement of the public for delivery of information, education and entertainment.

McKay currently serves on board of US Bank Washington and advisory boards of Looksharp, UTrip, and Toy Talk. Philanthropic commitments include board chairman of Mary’s place and is past board member of Seattle Opera, the Pilchuck School of Glass and more.