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Green Globe International


Green Globe and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture, market, and sell Consumer Goods, including herb and hemp smokables rolling paper. It trades on the OTC under the ticker: GGII 

Green Globe and its subsidiaries current projects include: 

  • Herb and Cannabinoid Cigarettes, including CBD Cigarettes 
  • Manufacturing hemp rolling papers called hemp blunts 
  • 600 Vending Machines selling and advertising Consumer Goods 
  • Online sales of CBD products 
  • Joint Ventures with large distributors and celebrities 
  • Licensing of filters, paper, and infusion in hemp and other smokables 
  • The Real Stuff brand of hemp smokables 

Green Globe owns Hempacco, Co. Inc., disrupting the $1 Trillion tobacco industry with smoking alternatives including hemp, herb, and spice smokables and hemp blunts.

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