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About CannabisLAB

We get there is an idea of a cannabis gold rush going on in America. We understand that many, if not most, gravitating toward the cannabis industry see it as a way to get rich quick or love the novelty of the industry itself.

The Cannabis LAB will not be a part of this. We will educate, connect and empower business professionals looking to bring their existing skill sets to the cannabis space. In fact, as we begin to plant our seeds and grow our chapters we will be selective about our leadership and membership alike.

There are many places you can go to learn about refining extracts, building a grow house or getting a license. This is NOT that group. We are not elitist or exclusionary but this group will be specifically for business professionals already in or committed to entering the cannabis industry. We know you have been looking and waiting for a place to meet your peers and it is finally here!

We welcome you to share our vision and be a part of cLAB.

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The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is back this September 13-14 at the Palmer House in Chicago, IL.

Join us to discover the newest and hottest in cannabis, meet investors and CEOs of leading public and private companies and network with 90% of publicly traded cannabis companies, all in one room.

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Outside of the Benzinga Cannabis Conference in Miami, FL.

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