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Brass Natural Products

Brass Natural Products is a premier international provider of private label and contract manufacturing services for complete product development, commercialization and packaging of a wide range of cosmetics, topicals, supplements, OTC products, gummies, beverages, pet care products, and CBD/cannabinoid products. Having almost ten years of experience with cannabinoids, we are also a large-scale distributor of hemp-derived cannabinoids ingredients. We deliver many standard mainstream products, along with a wide variety of unique form factors.

With a coalition of more than seventy-one facilities around the globe, Brass produces products for customers throughout the USA, Europe, UK, Switzerland, South America, and Australia serving many brands and private label retailers such as Aldi, Sprouts, CVS and PriceSmart.

Capabilities include a catalog of existing private label products across all our categories of service, R&D and bench top samples for custom products, reverse engineering, primary and secondary packaging supply, full-service manufacturing, co-packing, club store packs and more.

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