Chris Demuth - Benzinga Small Cap Conference

Chris Demuth

Founder@Rangeley Capital

Chris DeMuth Jr founded Rangeley Capital, an event driven hedge fund in Connecticut.  Rangeley’s strategy is to invest in mispriced securities with limited downsides and corporate events that unlock shareholder value.  Rangeley has funds focused on SPACs, corporate events, and fundamental value.

Before founding Rangeley, he was a securities analyst for the event driven strategy of Mangan & McColl Partners.

He also served as a merger arbitrage analyst for Swidler Berlin analyzing corporate event risk and event timing for his clients, including hedge funds and proprietary trading desks. This involved both investigative and analytical research into antitrust and other regulatory reviews.

He earned a BA in Government from William & Mary. At the time, he also worked for the Center for Policy Research, designing and conducting public opinion surveys.