Anne-Marie Baiynd

Author, Financial Analyst, & Educator

Anne-Marie Baiynd began her professional career as a neuroscience researcher after her studies in Mathematical and Behavioral Statistics. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Anne-Marie took several businesses from idea to revenue generating successes, the last of which was the birth and solid growth of her recruiting company. After 12 years in the recruiting industry, she opted for a change into the world of trading after seeing a public seminar on technical trading with her husband in 2005. Although her mathematical background made understanding the indicators simple, she struggled for her first two years as a retail trader.

She began to share everything she had learned with people who chose to reach out to her for assistance. Her professional experience with people and expertise in behavioral science made coaching the next logical step. Anne-Marie understands that trading is not only about finding a good system but training up the mind to trade.

Our minds are not made to trade, they must be trained to trade. People ask her all the time, ‘If your system is so good, why are you sharing it?’ Her answer is simple. In the market today, there is NO TRUE ADVOCATE for the retail trader, and the sharks in the market are happy to take advantage of the retail trader’s inexperience and lack of expertise.