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California's Assembly Bill 97 Is The State's Latest Attempt To Curtail The Illicit Market

In May 2019, California significantly cut its cannabis tax revenue projections through June 2020. In just four months, state projections decreased by $223 million. read more

Diversity In Cannabis: Making Sure Everyone Benefits And 'Not Just A Privileged Few'

In the cannabis space, diversity is often regarded as a particularly pressing need as a result of the adverse effect of the War on Drugs. The hurdles are numerous and include the country's private prison system and a lack of capital, according to industry contacts Benzinga spoke with. read more

The State Of Cannabis Funding: 'You Cannot Just Go Down To Your Local Bank'

Cannabis is illegal on a federal level, and that makes securing funding difficult, to say the least. That said, some avenues have begun to open; while it remains a challenge, the cannabis industry is starting to find routes to secure legitimate funding. read more

Flowhub's Kyle Sherman Discusses Ending 'Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None' Approach To Cannabis

The tool stack is a subject discussed in numerous industries. Cannabis is no exception, and some believe that existing software solutions fall short. read more

From Coffee To Cannabis: Colombian Legislators To Move For Adult-Use Legalization

This is the first of a two-part series on the history of Colombia and its route to cannabis legalization. Colombia is in an extraordinary position. read more

'420 Investor' Brochstein To CannTrust CEO: Apologize And Resign

"420 Investor" Alan Brochstein has a simple message to CannTrust Holdings Inc (NYSE: CTC) CEO Peter Aceto: apologize for violating Health Canada rules and resign. read more

Flowhub Launches Cannabis Inventory Management Mobile App

Flowhub, a Denver-based inventory management and POS platform for dispensaries, just launched its new Stash App, a first-of-its-kind application for mobile inventory management in cannabis. The Stash App is custom-built to streamline dispensary operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce inventory management cycles. read more

Island Cannabis CEO Talks Changing Landscape, Plans To Remain Private

“Keep sustainability at the core. Push the envelope of innovation. Leave the world a better place.” These values, from Island Cannabis Co.'s website, aren't just a PR-friendly veneer. read more

From Tea To THC: The Heady Rise Of Growpacker's Stephen Boyd

With the use of automation and data analytics in production, the Los Angeles-based co-packing and bottling company Growpacker designs and manufacturs cannabis-infused products. More than 300 brands have entered Growpacker’s pipeline in less than two years. read more

Study: Association Between Medical Marijuana, Opioid Deaths Could Be 'Spurious'

A study published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America is pushing back on the line of thinking that medical marijuana could lower the number of opioid overdoses. read more

Medicine Man's Andy Williams On M&A, Colombia: 'We Can Become A Dominant Supplier Of Cannabis To The World'

Denver-based cannabis consulting company Medicine Man Technologies Inc (OTC: MDCL) made three significant M&A moves in June to position the company in Colorado and beyond. read more

Scoop: ParcelPal Inks Deal With Ontario Craft Brewery Cowbell

Companies are starting to deal with cannabis like they do with any other product. read more

Discussing MPX International's South Africa Joint Venture With CEO Scott Boyes

By Javier Hasse and Eric TerBush. read more

The Secret Sauce Behind The Best Performing Cannabis ETF In Canada

By Javier Hasse and Eric TerBush. “This is going to be happening now, it’s going to be happening over the course of the next few years." read more

This Exec Drove Red Bull Sales Of $150M In Canada; Now He's Infusing Hemp Into Foods And Beverages

The popularity of cannabis in the United States and Canada has attracted a number of executives from other industries into this new and fast-growing space. read more

With Psychedelics Access Expanding, Is A Cannabis-Like Market On The Horizon?

A flurry of activity in recent months has propelled psilocybin and other psychedelic drugs into the headlines. The substances have been a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, at the forefront of the movement. read more

The Rebel's Handbook: All About High Times' New CEO And His Plans To Turn The Company Around

Over almost half a century, High Times has undergone radical transitions. Conceived as a single-issue lampoon of Playboy in 1974, High Times has since become a globally recognized cannabis brand. read more

Harvest Health CEO Discusses The Company's 'Head Start' In CBD

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc (OTC: HRVSF) has four areas of focus, CEO Steve White told Benzinga: team development, acquisition via winning licenses or buying companies, long-term brand development and always keeping an eye on its ROI. read more

Meet The Newest Accelerator For Minority-Owned Cannabis Businesses

Growing a cannabis business in any sector can be challenging. But facing the hurdles of the very competitive cannabis sector, where regulations are unclear and often conflicting, and new players are entering the space every day, is even more challenging. read more

Valens Exec: Cannabis Oil Market Is Being 'Substantially' Underestimated

Valens Groworks Corp (OTC: VGWCF) is working to make a mark in the areas of custom manufacturing and white label services in cannabis. read more

CannaCraft Adds Wine And Brand-Building Veterans To C-Suite

CannaCraft recently announced the addition of two new executives to its team, as the company continues its expansion efforts. Tracey Mason was named Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, and Jim Hourigan was named as Chief Operating Officer. read more

How One Cannabis Company Drastically Reduced Plastic Waste By Childproofing Its Vapes

CannaCraft, the manufacturer of many of California’s top-selling cannabis brands, recently announced thatn its vape cartridges were certified as child-resistant under the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, successfully fulfilling California’s child-resistant packaging requirements for cannabis products. read more

Be Kind, Please Unwind: Why Would Anyone Buy CBD From A Video Store?

Major retailers have begun to carry CBD: Kroger Co (NYSE: KR) and CVS Health Corp (NYSE: CVS) are two names that have entered the fray.  read more

MediaJel Acquires Potnt Agency, Adds Merida Capital's Thomas Harrison As Chairman

Cannabis advertising and marketing company MediaJel made two big announcements this week. A New Chairman The company appointed Thomas Harrison, Senior Operating Partner at Merida Capital Partners, as Chairman of the Board. read more

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