Ease of Use: 8.5/10

Features: 9/10

Pricing: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

The Good:

  • Seamlessly manages the workforce, HR, planning, finance from a single-source system 
  • Most comprehensive reporting dashboard with real-time insights and customizable reports
  • Build on a flexible foundation to evolve with the latest technologies
  • Eliminate the cost of connectivity to finance, HR, budget, planning and analytics with a single core HCM system
  • Encourage continuous collaboration and higher visibility through fully incorporated feedback and reporting tools
  • Leverage on cloud integration and eliminate the need to manage additional middleware integration

The Bad:

  • Slower product development rate than its competitors
  • Not designed for smaller businesses
  • A slightly higher learning curve with many granular features

In today’s ever-changing world, managing finance, HR, and planning enterprises need an all-in-one package to keep pace with the innovations. Workday is one such package. Workday is a leading enterprise cloud application that evolves to meet business objectives in a changing world.

Built as a single system, it centralizes your finance, HR, payroll, planning, and operations data. Despite its young age, Workday has become a key player serving customers from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Workday allows you to keep track of your entire workforce, goal management, succession planning, career development, payroll management, and performance optimization. By using automation services, it helps to streamline your major business processes. Workday offers a complete HCM suite specialized in serving enterprises of all sizes across a variety of industries.


The fast-changing world of business has prompted many organizations to create the best practices in their organization. Workday is designed to fuel your organization to keep pace with an evolving world. It brings finance, HR, talent planning, and analytics all in one agile system. Here are some key features of Workday you must consider before committing to it as your primary HCM solution.

Talent management

A business needs to move faster and become agile to get the most out of human resources already working with them. Workday’s Talent Management seamlessly manages people, business, and talent from a unified solution. It provides you insight into your workforce skills, performance and career interests to achieve strategic business objectives. 

Talent Management helps your company to better understand and engage your talent without any added burden of a separate talent system. From onboarding diverse talent to curating skills development, Workday enhances the strength of the workforce by providing continuous and periodic feedback.

Goal management

Workday offers goal management solutions to align your workforce’s goals with your organization’s objectives. It allows both employees and organizations to flourish together. 

Goal Management also allows your workforce to set their goals, add visible goal attributes and collaborate on goals. With the help of Workday, you can ensure your employees can advance their career growth by gaining the right skills and performing to their full potential.

Workday offers real-time goal management to get your goals done. It allows employees to regularly update and review their plans from mobile devices as well. Undoubtedly, Workday nurtures employee engagement to enhance their strength.

Succession planning

Any business can be exposed to unexpected changes that could potentially transform the company. To prevent such events from negatively affecting your human resource pool, Workday implements succession planning to keep your talent in the pipeline.

Having succession planning in place will help you develop an action plan and increase the retention of high-potential employees. This also helps in increasing individual learning opportunities. Workday Succession Planning helps identify critical roles for succession and high-potential candidates while assessing their readiness and encourage development plans.

With Workday, you will get closer to your workforce and career aspirations from a single system full of visual tools to manage the succession plans.

Strategic workforce planning

Strategic workforce planning is all about ensuring the right person is in the right job at the right time. It’s a process that proactively anticipates that your organization has the workforce to meet your business goals.

Through the use of Workday, you will be able to create a strategic workforce plan that meets your desired long-term goals. Workforce’s Adaptive Planning solution also supports workforce planning to fill the gaps in talent with internal and external candidates sourcing.

Workday aims to constantly evaluate the performance of the workforce and prevent a business from surprises.

Workforce analysis

Workforce analysis allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your workforce. It involves identifying current and anticipated workforce risks, revealing opportunities, agility, and cost optimizations.

As it is overwhelming to bring all the data from discrete sources, Workday provides you total visibility in a single system. It helps you uncover your competitive workforce advantage with the reporting and analytics tools.

The workday analysis also allows you to craft a strategic plan to balance your workforce supply and demand based on the changes in your organization.


One of Workday’s top priorities is to keep the customer data secure. Hence, the commitment to the high-security standards.

Workday provides multiple layers of authentication, camera surveillance, and 24/7 security personnel that adhere to strict physical security. It is built on a robust and secure cloud foundation from Amazon Web Services.

Workday maintains numerous security programs designed to ensure the security of your data with data encryption, such as Workday Native login, Step-up authentication, third-party audits, and certifications.

Workday has worked at its best to protect against security threats, data breaches, or unauthorized access in totality. 

A Unified Solution to Streamline Your Business Processes

With Workday, your organization can leverage agile and innovative solutions to eliminate costly integrations between different systems.

It leads enterprises with a fantastic solution to manage your large workforce, budgets, payroll, performance management, training, diversity, and reorganization. 

Workday is a comprehensive solution that empowers you to manage your workforce smoothly with excellent features and an intuitive user interface. You can uncover new insights from the analytics and reporting tools that empower you to make data-driven decisions with real-time forecasting.

Workday has proved to be a one-stop solution that evolves side by side with a changing business environment.