What Are the Best Migration Agency CRMs?

Migration Agency CRM systems help immigration agencies manage, track, organize and improve relationships with individuals, service subscribers and colleagues while assisting clients with immigration processes and simplifying them  for both the agencies and clients.

By providing a clear overview of customer needs and requests and lending necessary support to the client, migration agency CRM smoothes the process of the migration agencies.

What are the Benefits of Using a Migration Agency CRM?

Here are some reasons to consider using Migration Agency CRMs.

Improves customer service

The primary goal of Migration Agency CRMs is to give users access to powerful  immigration software that improves customer service. These CRM tools manage contacts and collect important customer information, including names, credentials, demographics and social media handles. They provide all the required information about customers, enabling quick assessment of customer needs and communication personalization to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Streamlines communication

Migration agency CRM tools manage communications and reduce customer wait times. They track previous contacts and offer customizable and ready-made email templates, letters, documents and invitations. The ease of finding communication history and creating professional-looking templates streamlines your communication with customers.

Higher productivity and efficiency

CRM tools can expedite tasks by automating email template creation, information organization, contacts look up and campaigns and freeing up time to focus on creative tasks and decision-making. 

They also feature a centralized and accessible customer database that agencies can use to generate customers’ feedback analytics and insights into the customers’ wants. They provide an overview of ongoing processes and suggest ways to improve workflows, boosting productivity and efficiency.

What to Look For in the Best Migration Agency CRM

You will come across numerous CRMs in the market that claim to be the best migration agency CRM. Base your decision on what is the best migration agency CRM by evaluating the following factors.

Contact management

The best migration agency CRMs should offer easy contact management, allowing you to record contacts’ details in a central database and monitor customer interactions with the agency. It should store details such as basic credentials, demographics, social media and interests and make the information available readily. 

Email integration

The best migration agency CRM should allow you to integrate your existing email services and easily share information in the centralized database via email. It should also let you build mail lists and launch email campaigns without moving between the CRM and the email services. The integration should work across multiple platforms, including web browsers and mobile devices.


Migration agency CRM should automate menial and time-consuming tasks like directing a customer’s query to the right representative, sending automated replies to messages and follow-up emails, logging hours, tracking communications and generating reports and analytics. The best migration agency CRM allows you to set custom triggers for various processes to help boost productivity.

Lead management

Lead management features in the best migration agency CRM identifies, captures, tracks and targets leads. They allow you to gather leads from the ads you run, track user activities and behavior on them, monitor their interest levels and offer them personalized information to convert them.

The best migration agency CRMs automate lead management, too, tracking visitors’ activities like the pages they’re visiting and the time spent on them and providing insights on how you can nurture the leads.

Document management

The best migration agency CRMs should also include document management features to help you manage business documents securely and conveniently. It should store everything centrally and make it accessible easily. Because migration agencies work primarily with sensitive documents, ensure the migration agency CRM you want organizes documents safely and efficiently.

Best Migration Agency CRMs

With the above features in consideration, let’s look at some of the best migration agency CRMs to automate your case management system.


Agentcis is an excellent cloud-based CRM software tailored for education and migration agencies, featuring marketing, counseling, and client management services. It allows agencies to manage clients, partners and their courses. 

Pros: Agentcis also tracks visa expiration dates. It enables agencies to input client’s visa details of clients and notifies them before the visa expiration date to assist in the follow-up process. It also manages multiple applications from client profiles. Some of its notable features include a calendar reminder system, contact management, lead management and qualification, document storage, email marketing and workflow management. 

Cons: Agentcis’ subpar support system can disappoint you. Its help center and community are still in their early phases.

Pricing: While it doesn’t have a free version, it offers a free trial. Its Basic plan costs $10 per month, and the Premium plan sets you back $30 per month. No contracts are required.

Rating: 4.6 stars

Matters Cloud

Matters Cloud is a CRM primarily for immigration law firms. It offers a wide array of features required for migration.

Pros: Matters Cloud offers key features like calendar management, email integration and management, document management, automated time tracking, billing and invoicing and lead management. It is user-friendly and lets you integrate it with various systems easily.

Cons: Being a CRM for the legal profession, most of its features are suitable for law firms. Migration agencies may not reap Matters Cloud’s full benefits.

Pricing: Matters Cloud lets you customize your features and pay per feature used. Its pricing starts at $25 per user per month. They also offer a 25% discount for non-profit organizations. While it doesn’t have a free version, it provides a 30-day free trial.

Rating: 4.4 stars


Immisys is a migration agency CRM and an enterprise Knowledge Base System (KBS), tapping into some of the renowned education agents. It brings migration and education together in a single platform, making it suitable for both migration agencies and education businesses.

Pros: Immisys offers complete migration agency CRM features such as account management, email linking, document management, workflow management and an extensive course database. Because it is a true cloud system, you can access this case management system from anywhere and any platform. 

Cons: Immisys focuses primarily on Australian immigration and education rules. Implementing Immisys in your immigration agency might require customizations.  

Pricing: Its Basic plan offers most of its features free for 12 months. Its standard plan costs A$45 per user per month. 

Rating: 4.7 stars


Docketwise is a CRM solution designed for immigration lawyers. It is a cloud-based legal management solution enabling immigration lawyers to facilitate client data collection, case tracking and invoicing.

Pros: Docketwise helps migration agencies improve immigration practice with intelligent questionnaires that actively generate complete immigration applications based on simple question-answers. It also features a built-in library that can help migration agencies access family or business immigration forms. 

Cons: Docketwise has a vast case management portal that offers you all the necessary CRM features like lead management, email templates and a task tracker.

Pricing: Docketwise procedures are not as flexible as other CRMs, making it challenging to organize and manage your workflow.

It has 2 pricing plans: Standard and Suite. Starting at $49 per user per month, the Standard plan does not provide the tools migration agencies require, so they will have to opt for the Suite plan at $69 per user per month.

Rating: 4.4 stars

Zoho CRM

While Zoho is not designed specifically for a migration agency, it has all the features a migration agency requires. In addition to tracking and managing all contacts from a single platform, migration agencies can use this tool to collaborate with their clients and ease the migration application process.

Pros: It has powerful email marketing tools and gamification modules to assist with relationship management. If paired with other Zoho tools, Zoho CRM can yield an interoperable solution. It also offers features like document management, workflow automation and task management, including email and process templates. 

Cons: Zoho CRM also offers a voice assistant, which needs more work before it can be used seamlessly. Its workflow automation features are only available in the Professional tier plan.

Pricing: Zoho has a free plan with limited features. It also has 4 paid plans – Standard, Professional,  Enterprise and Ultimate. Its Standard plan costs $18 per user per month; the Professional plan sets you back $30 per user per month and the Enterprise edition costs $40 per user per month. If you want comprehensive features like email sentiment analysis, you will have to opt into its Ultimate plan that costs $100 per user per month.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Find the Best Migration Agency CRM Now

While these best migration agency CRMs provide necessary features for your migration businesses, not all of them are similar. Make sure to look for the one that best meets your needs. 

Before implementing a CRM in your migration agency, try out their free or trial version and ensure that it has the features you need. The right CRM can improve your services to your clients.