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Established in 2001, Keap combines CRM, sales automation, marketing automation and payments in a single, integrated platform that lets you consistently convert more clients and grow your business. Voted the best B2B marketing automation for small- to mid-size businesses by Constellation Research, Keap saves you time by eliminating business chaos.

Keap’s client management system promises to improve your organization and increase efficiency by housing all communications and activity in a single place, handling the follow-up and updating your client and company records. 

It automates your marketing, sales, data entry and other repetitive tasks with simple templates to assign tasks, capture new leads and send out emails that turn leads into paying clients.

Keap’s updated analytics dashboard lets you visualize traffic and data to gain valuable insights to guide your business decisions. You can try the platform with a no-obligation, 14-day free trial. Formerly Infusionsoft, Keap’s mission hasn’t changed: simplify growth for millions of businesses.

Best For

  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • Email marketing
  • Small and mid-size businesses
  • Large organizations


  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Supports a broad range of integrations
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • An effortless way to automate your business
  • Personalize messages with email templates
  • 14-day free trial


  • Small businesses may find the price tag hefty
  • It takes time to get accustomed to the software
  • Onboarding costs are relatively high
securely through Keap's website

Keap Pricing

Here are all of Keap’s plans and the respective pricing.

  • Keap Lite: For $56 per month, the Keap Lite plan is custom made for new businesses and solopreneurs who are just getting started. Its complete package of CRM, automation, email marketing and payments will help your new business get organized, automate all follow ups and close more leads. Keap Lite is designed for 1 user and includes 500 contacts. After your 5 months, the pricing reverts to $79 per month.
  • Keap Pro: For $105 per month, Keap Pro is the platform’s most popular plan and is designed for growing businesses. The plan’s advanced automation tools make it easy for you to provide quicker follow-up, more personalized responses and tailored marketing to segmented lists. After 5 months, the pricing reverts to $149 per month.
  • Keap Max: The latest in Keap’s product line, Keap Max costs $140 per month for your first 5 months after which you’ll pay $199 per month. Designed for established businesses and teams, this plan combines CRM, advanced automation, sales and marketing and ecommerce to help drive predictable repeatable sales growth.
  • Keap Max Classic: Formerly Infusionsoft, Keap Max Classic gives teams and businesses a powerful CRM solution that bundles fully customizable campaigns, advanced sales and marketing automation and powerful mobile app integration. Contact the sales team for this plan’s pricing.

All of Keap’s plans include CRM, sales and marketing automation, email marketing, lead capture, payments, unlimited emails, mobile app, data migration support and top-rated customer support. Keap’s onboarding service will set you up with any of its plans with 1-on-1 coaching, personalized support and daily training webinars.

Keap Product Offerings

Keap’s range of tools is inclusive, earning a 5-star rating. Here’s a breakdown of its offerings:

Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing automation is arguably among Keap’s most power tools. Start with Easy Automation, the fastest way to automate repetitive tasks with simple templates to assign tasks, capture new leads and send emails. Expert marketers can reap big from Keap’s advanced automation builder, a flexible and customizable tool to automate any marketing or sales processes you design.

Keap’s sales and marketing automation software with lead generation lets you create an automatic process for sending emails and texts to new leads. Create repeatable sales processes with automatic emails sent out when a lead moves from one stage to the other.


Ditch the spreadsheet with Keap’s powerful client management system: a powerful client database software that handles and houses all your client activity. Seamlessly connect your Outlook or Gmail inbox to automatically update your contact record with every send or received email.

Keap’s client management software promptly responds to existing contacts and incoming leads by sending highly personalized communications that drive sales or action. It also supports a wide range of software integrations that let you easily access the most popular apps to run your business, including Gmail, Typeform, Jotform, Bigcommerce and Zapier among others.

Use the software’s automated internal forms to collect the information you need instantly when you add a new lead.

Sales Pipeline

Keap’s sales pipeline lets you get the most from your CRM by automating the way you track and manage leads and clients throughout the sales process in a single view. Customize each stage of your sales process and trigger email sequences automatically when a lead moves between stages through a customizable dashboard.

Coupled with CRM, Keap’s pipeline management provides an accurate, 365 degree view of your leads and customers. Unlike spreadsheets, this pipeline management tool groups and tracks leads and client information in a centralized location while prompting the next necessary steps.


Keap provides an invoicing and payments system that lets your clients pay you automatically. Your client simply hits the “pay now” button in the invoice and their credit card is charged. You can also set up daily, weekly or monthly payments depending on your business needs, as well as automate reminders to help you get paid faster.

Keap won’t lock you into a single payment solution. You can use any of its available payment providers without incurring penalties or additional fees. The platform has also built native integrations with top payment platforms, including PayPal, WePay and Stripe. You no longer have to play bill collector since the app sends out friendly payment reminders for late invoices or overdue payments.

A 1-time setup ensures on-time payments as well as letting you connect to the payment tolls you use daily, including QuickBooks and Xero.

Reporting and Analytics

Keap’s marketing reporting software will comb through millions of data points to help you visualize traffic, data or analytics using an updated analytics dashboard. You can also track your sales reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to see how they compare to previous periods. 

Use payment and revenue analytics to track all weekly and monthly activity for revenues, payments and transactions.

Appointment Scheduling

Keap offers an appointment scheduling software that makes setting up meetings easier than ever. Your clients simply pick a convenient time to meet while you carry on with your day’s work. Once a slot is booked, a confirmation email is sent and your Google or Outlook calendar is automatically updated.  

The appointment management software lets you access your prospect or customer data, notes and calendar so that you can prepare adequately for the big meeting. Adjust your schedule on-the-go and receive reminders on your phone so that you’ll never skip a meeting.

Email Marketing

Keap streamlines a complicated email marketing process with a host of powerful tools. For starters, the app comes with a vast library of flexible, functional email templates for various opportunities. Segment your contact list by industry or interactions with your content into smaller lists for better conversion.

Use Keap’s “at a glance” report to track the effectiveness of your emails and suggest better ways to engage your audience.

Keap Customer Service

Keap is rated 9 out of 10 for outstanding customer service, and its deservingly so. First, Keap connects you with one of its partners or coaches for quick onboarding into its plans. You can also get free 24/7 chat and expert, U.S.-based phone support.

Here are other chat support options depending on your location.

Keap HQ

1260 S. Spectrum Boulevard
Chandler, AZ 85286
Contact: 866-800-0004

Europe/Middle East/Africa
Contact: +44 (0) 808-258-0093

Contact: +61 1800-730-419

Online support is also available through its help center, Twitter page @KeapGrowing and through its Known issues page.

Contact sales through or report email abuse via

Keap Mobile App

Available Through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the Keap mobile app lets you add or access customer information, tasks and notes on-the-go, keeping you prepared and up-to-date. The mobile app has the same functionality as the software platform. You can also add multiple Keap accounts on the mobile app.

Keap Privacy and Security

While there’s currently no recognized GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) scheme, Keap strives to ensure it’s in compliance with the GDPR. Keap is very transparent about its privacy policy. It collects personal data that you feed it directly, as well as obtains personal data via the use of cookies and other technologies.

The company doesn’t sell your personal data but can transfer it to 3rd parties for use as its privacy policy describes.

The Keap iOS mobile app also provides extra login security for return logins. Devices that support face ID or touch ID can activate this login method for extra security during return logins.

Keap Performance

Keap integrates CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, email marketing appointment scheduling and payments in a single, robust platform. All tools work seamlessly with each other to provide incredible capabilities to your business. Just set everything up once, and Keap will have it run automatically in the background while you work on other areas of your business.

Keap Overall Rating

Keap is a solid, all-round customer relationship management software (CRM) that integrates sales and marketing automation, appointment scheduling, email marketing, payment processing and more in a single interface. It’s an antidote to businesses struggling to grow sales and increase automation.

Plans may not carry pocket-friendly prices, but you’ll access numerous top-tier products to help in managing your customer base and improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. Whether you want to start simple or at a more advanced level, Keap has a line of products that can help you get organized, deliver great service and grow your business.

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