How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

When you look at YouTube, there is a wealth of information and knowledge to consume. There is also a wealth of entertainment especially when it comes to gaming. 

The world of gaming has advanced rapidly over the years. It used to be something that only a small number of people — primarily kids — participated in, but now, it’s more commonplace for people of all ages. 

YouTube has made it possible for people to share their love of gaming by starting a YouTube gaming channel. Let’s explore what it takes to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021. 

Steps to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel

You don’t need much when it comes to starting a basic gaming channel. But with the right equipment, you can get started creating a channel that will entertain anyone who watches. 


One of the most important parts, if not the most important part, of starting a gaming channel is your console or PC. You have to have a way to play the games that you plan to record or stream for your audience. 

A PC is a great choice because it makes recording and editing your videos that much easier. It also gives you access to more games across the board.

If you are a console user and you want to record your gameplay, it would be wise to also have a computer to edit the videos on after you play them. Depending on the type of games you want to play for your channel, you will have to decide which console is best, ranging from Xbox and Playstation to the Switch.

Screen Recorder

A screen recorder is more applicable to PC users or console players who want to record their gameplay on the computer. With a screen recorder, you’ll end up creating higher quality videos and better audio. There are so many popular screen recorders, two of which are Bandicam and OBS. These tools make it possible to add an overlay of your face so that your viewers can watch you play while simultaneously viewing the gameplay on the screen.


There are many different directions gamers can go in when it comes to their mic setup. Beginners and popular gamers alike use headsets such as the Hyper X Cloud to capture their voice as they are playing. Other gamers, including Sykkuno and Pokimane, make use of external microphones such as the Shure SM7B or the Electro-Voice RE20. If you have watched KYRSP33DY and his recent content, you’ll already know that he just uses a regular set of Apple earbuds that have a built-in microphone. The options are endless. 


When you create a channel where viewers tune in to watch you play games, you need to add humor or offer useful information to those watching. While you don’t want to base your entire personality off of your favorite YouTubers, pull ideas from gamers that you like to watch who are already successful. 

There is a reason that they are as big as they are. You can always come up with a catch or emphasize unique traits that set you apart from the crowd. It’s even easier if you have a group of friends that you play with regularly because you can all feature each other in your videos. 

Game Selection

You never have to limit yourself to one specific type of content. Many gamers will actually play a wide variety of games to reach a larger audience. However, there are some channels that stick with either one type of video format or one style of gameplay. 

ChizPlays is a perfect example of a YouTuber who found a niche that he fits into perfectly. The majority of his gameplay is him playing solo sports games. He adds his own commentary and the way he interacts with the games makes it entertaining. 

There are many other players out there that create their content by recording their gameplay and commentary as they move through a campaign. A popular type of video that has taken off is known as the speed-runners. If you are a trick-shotter or you excel in first-person shooter games, perhaps you can upload your online gameplay from COD or Battlefield. 

Having a group of friends to play with is perfect because it means you’ll always have a team to play with. And if all else fails, Minecraft and Minecraft mods always draw some attention.


If you look at most YouTubers today, it’s actually rare to see a video that was not captured while streaming. This method is popular among gamers like StoneMountain64 and TimTheTatman. They record their streams on Twitch or Facebook and then they upload recordings of their streams to YouTube. 

You will want to do some editing and perhaps create a unique intro or outro that people recognize. But most importantly, you will want to cut out any dead space or uneventful gameplay that took place while streaming. 


Everyone has a goal of one day monetizing their hobby. For some people, that dream is easy to achieve but for others, they have to put a lot more work into it. YouTube has a requirement that you must have 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hours (within a set time frame) to be considered for monetization. 

If you want to create other ways to generate income on YouTube, try creating an affiliate account through websites like Skimlinks or Amazon to sell products that you use or games that you are playing. If you include those links in your video descriptions and tell your viewers they are there, you could start generating some revenue while waiting for your channel to become monetized.  

The Only Direction is Up

When you first start your channel, it can feel extremely daunting. You’ll start out with zero subscribers and you won’t know if anyone will even watch your videos. But with dedication and patience, you will reach even more people than you could possibly dream of right now. 

Sharing your YouTube channel with your friends and family is a great way to get the word out in the beginning. That’s what they are there for! They’re there to support you. When the numbers start to climb higher and higher, all of your hard work will be worth it.