Fabric e-Commerce Review

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Fabric is a modern and modular e-commerce platform for retailers, direct-to-consumer, and business-to-business brands. Fabric is a cloud-first headless commerce platform that best suits SMEs to liberate online growth.

Fabric enforces modular design so that you can effortlessly scale your customers’ experience. It also provides a highly customizable headless CMS to create an omnichannel experience. SMEs can leverage flexibility to build e-commerce seamlessly with Fabric APIs and microservices.

Best For

  • Modular design
  • Microservice and APIs
  • Rapidly growing businesses


  • Secured and scalable platform as built as single-tenant SaaS
  • Provides a full suite of headless APIs and microservices on omnichannel buying experiences
  • Reconfigure or relaunch your legacy e-commerce without any interruptions
  • Encourages SMEs to quicken their online growth


  • Not suitable for low-growth businesses
  • Doesn't support mobile deployment
  • Doesn't entertain 24/7 phone support or live rep


With headless APIs and microservices, Fabric aims to deliver powerful performance to growing businesses. Its serverless architecture, API-based modules, and microservices give you all the tools required to create a solution that you can scale on the fly. 

Fabric supports unlimited API requests and has no bandwidth limit. By relying on AWS and having regional data centers, Fabric offers you secure and fast solutions. For brands and retailers who want to scale, Fabric can be a solid option.

Headless E-commerce

Headless e-commerce provides the freedom to build and scale whatever they want to enrich the customer experience. 

Fabric is a full suite of headless e-commerce to power your business with speed and flexibility. Fabric lets merchants and retailers adopt agile practices. Its modular platform provides headless APIs that allow you to deliver new functionality and adapt to changes without impacting other parts. 

Furthermore, you can use Fabric’s APIs easily across multiple channels. Because of its headless API and modular design, you can choose to implement only the features you want. That means you can keep using Fabric alongside your existing system. With its cutting-edge feature, Fabric allows you to adapt to new market trends with minimum development costs.

Ease of Transition

Fabric is a modern solution developed for D2C and B2B retailers. It’s already working with companies like BuildDirect, GNC, Juicy Couture, and ABC Carpet & Home. Its modular design allowed them to get live within weeks. For instance, ABC Carpet & Home, which was running on Magento, recently switched to Fabric. Fabric’s ease of transition and flexibility made it trouble-free.

Moreover, Fabric offers a storefront builder. You don’t need to have any coding experience to build your storefront using its storefront building module. To jumpstart your online commerce business, you can use its default template in a few hours. Modular designing lets you create a component once and use it across multiple platforms like websites, mobile apps, or even wearables. 


A business can’t overlook the importance of security. It applies strongly to the online commerce business. For your customer’s data or your financial information, an e-commerce platform should secure them on all fronts. 

Fabric runs in a VPC (virtual private cloud), offers high security, and complies with major security standards. It secures data through timely backup and data redundancy. It also encrypts all your data so that even if an unauthorized person has access to it, they won’t be able to tamper with it. Because of its serverless platform, you can also save time and cost associated with the staff required to maintain servers or data centers. 

Customer Reviews

Fabric is new to the e-commerce market. Yet, some of the early customers like ABC Carpet & Home, GNC, BuildDirect, and Juicy Couture have already admired and trusted Fabric. 

ABC Carpet & Home, which sells over $100 million, has complimented Fabric’s user-friendliness, platform functionalities, and ease of transition. That is probably why just in a couple of weeks, ABC’s e-commerce increased its conversion and sales up to 250%. 

Undoubtedly, Fabric can build out a superb customer experience by giving retailers and merchants accelerated online growth.

Customer Support

Fabric markets itself as an e-commerce solution to support rapidly growing SMEs with over $5 million in sales. Since transitioning merchants of these sizes can be quite a considerable task, customer support can come in handy. From answering basic questions on a user interface to configuring settings for advanced users, without a doubt, customer support can play a crucial role. 

Fabric offers email support. It also provides self-assisted help through a knowledge base and FAQs to help its customers whenever and wherever. During the onboarding phases, it offers direct support to its clients via implementation specialists. However, it does not offer 24/7 phone support and live reps.

Payment Gateway

Fabric has ensured that its solution remains PCI-compliant to secure and protect your customer’s payment details. Fabric works with almost every payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and 2Checkout. 

Unlike many other e-commerce solution providers, they don’t charge on top of the fee that payment gateway providers take. The cost of using a payment gateway in Fabric is dependent on the service provider. Fabric also allows manual payment options, including cash on delivery and bank deposits.


Though Fabric does not offer a free version, it does provide a free trial. You can use its free trial to test out the features, flexibility and benefits of its platform. Like any other SaaS platform, Fabric charges a monthly subscription fee. Its monthly subscription can set you back up to $6,000. However, Fabric doesn’t take a commission on your percentage of sales. For a much better price scoping, you will have to contact its sales team. 

Prepare for the Future with Fabric

Fabric is a modular and scalable SaaS platform developed to empower you to drive your business growth. It seamlessly re-platforms your legacy e-commerce with headless commerce APIs and microservices. 

Fabric is best suited for retailers and businesses that want to accelerate their sales without requiring technical consultants. Probably the best part of Fabric’s platform is its modular design. If you’re looking to replace a module in your existing system like the order management system or maybe a product management system, Fabric offers the perfect service. You can seamlessly integrate Fabric modules with your existing platform.

With Fabric, retailers and merchants can speed up online engagement, sales conversions, and digital revenue. And, that may be why it charges such a steep subscription fee.

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