Cheap Headless CMS Options

New platforms to reach people pop up every year on the internet. Though this has made it easier for businesses to reach their potential customers, not all businesses are ready to harness its power. Most businesses still depend on traditional business solutions, and it’s evident more often in the case of a content management system (CMS).

Traditional systems are not able to support multiple platforms. They are glued to one platform, making them inefficient. Headless CMS options allow companies to publish their content to any endpoints without having to worry about restrictions.

What is Headless CMS?

A “headless” CMS is a concept where the “head” of a CMS is chopped off. 

You have the backend, which is the content repository. Your front-end or the head can be any device or platform that your customers use to view your content. Some examples of heads are websites, mobile applications, wearables and e-commerce. By implementing headless CMS, you can fit the same content repository to any head of your choice. 

A headless CMS uses APIs instead to deliver the content from the repository. Unlike the traditional CMS that must stick to their rigid themes or templates to deliver the content, headless CMS allows you to choose your own presentation layer. In fact, you can send content to different presentation layers using the APIs and not worrying about data and business layers.

Why Use a Headless CMS?


Your content reaches your customers fast. You don’t have to publish it just for a single presentation medium. You don’t have to worry about spending your precious resources on duplication. It reduces the time for your content to reach your customers.

Fewer limitations

Since your content is not dependent on a platform, you can publish it onto any device. A headless CMS uses API to deliver your content where you need it. You can publish your content on IoTs like android phones, iPhones, PCs, smartwatches and so on.

Less work

Since you don’t have to worry about publishing the content to a theme-based platform first, you can forget about the front-end and focus on your content. 

Less content duplication

In a headless CMS approach, you send your content directly to the devices that publish it for the users. You can repurpose the content for multiple devices.

The Best Cheap Headless CMS Options

1. Best WordPress Alternative: Ghost CMS

Ghost is one of the open-source and robust CMSs available in the market. It is node-based and has a minimalistic dashboard. Ghost, like other headless CMSs, primarily focuses on content rather than the publishing platform itself. 

With features like built-in SEO, easy customizations, integrations and lightweight components, Ghost has placed itself as a solid open-source headless CMS option. Even the industry’s biggest names like Apple, NASA, DuckDuckGo, Mozilla and Cloudflare use Ghost for blogging. If you want to blog and publish your content worry-free, keep Ghost as your option.

Although Ghost is free, keep in mind that you still have to pay for the hosting services. 

Price: Free

2. Best CMS That Can Do Everything: Contentful

Contentful is one of the most popular headless CMS options available on the market. Its well-integrated content management and competitive prices have gained popularity among both enterprise companies and small businesses.

Contentful uses modular storage for its content — allowing them to create content templates for any end-devices using APIs. It also uses markdown, which is supported by numerous platforms. Due to its architectural choices, you can get high-speed access.

Contentful separates content management and delivery, ensuring that even when content management fails, consumers can access the content. With excellent consumer reviews, you cannot go wrong with Contentful as one of your options for headless CMS.

Contentful has various plans for developers and businesses.

Price: Developer Plan that is Free and Developer+ Plan that will set you back $39 per month

3. Best for New Businesses: Prismic

Prismic is an excellent option if you’re getting into headless CMS. The API-based platform allows you to create content, integrate with existing systems and provides a custom content development kit for your current development framework.

Prismic provides you with must-have headless CMS features like document classification, version control, customizable templates, image and text editing and electronic forms. 

With affordable pricing, Prismic stands out as an excellent option for newbies as well as established companies. It also has a free version and a free trial version for you to test out the product.

Price: $9 per month (per user)

4. Most User-friendly: Squidex

Squidex lets you have all the control over your content. It is an open-source headless CMS option that helps you create and manage your content successfully. It enables you to define your content’s structure by creating schemas. You can even add custom rules to validate your content.

In addition to the content control, it also provides features like customizable templates, version control, document classification, full-text search and website management. Squidex also provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and edit your content. Its open-source nature enables you to customize Squidex according to your changing needs and requirements. If you need a powerful CMS with a lot of customizable options, Squidex is a strong choice.

Squidex has a free version and a free trial version for you to test out the product.

Price: $23 per month flat

5. Best Flexible Headless CMS: Strapi

Strapi is another solid option in the market if you’re looking for a headless CMS option. You can use Strapi to create, store and deliver your content to any publishing device/platform.

Strapi allows you to manage the content within the system. The content presentation is handled by other tools, which enables you to focus on the content only. Its intuitive UI also helps you have a seamless experience handling the content. You can customize the templates, configure SEO management, edit texts, images and videos and manage full-text searches. With excellent pricing, support, and flexibility, consider Strapi if you’re looking for a reliable headless CMS.

Strapi has both a free version and a trial version for you to test out. 

Price: $29 per year flat

The Mindful CMS

There is an abundance of headless CMS options in the market. If you are getting into headless CMS, we recommend you stick to the free options where third-party hosting is available. These options allow you to fully realize your requirements and prepare you for the next step. 

If you have a growing business or want to scale it, we recommend selecting a headless CMS that fits your niche. If you want a one-stop solution, we recommend starting with a cheaper option first.