Brave Browser Review

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securely through Brave Browser's website

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Brave, the speedy privacy-focused browser that pays you for browsing, is all that and more. The Brave browser promises 3 to 6 times faster browsing speeds by optimizing its memory usage. It accomplishes this feat by blocking ads so your computer’s resources can be entirely focused on the web site. This optimization also improves battery life and your computer’s ability to run the browser with other applications simultaneously.

Best For

  • Internet privacy


  • Browses the web with confidence that ads won't track your information
  • Earns the crypto basic attention token (BAT) just by using the browser
  • Automatically blocks unnecessary ads
  • Easily imports your Chrome profile


  • Specialized feeds that track your data to give you relevant information can be useful
  • Has many features that can complicate the browser experience
securely through Brave Browser's website

When you are connected to the internet in any capacity, safety and security are essential. Your computer holds a lot of private information and it could make for a very detrimental situation if the wrong person gets ahold of your data. 

With Brave, you can browse the internet in a whole new way. Find out how Brave delivers faster loading speeds and offers you a more secure internet experience!  

Brave: At a Glance

The Brave web browser is a free download that will offer you speed and security unlike any other. Not only will you notice a decrease in ads, but you will also see an increase in loading times. Although you might not actively realize it, your information, history, and location will be blocked from other people online, too. 

The Score

Ease of Use: 9/10

Features:  9/10

Pricing: 10/10

Overall: 9.3/10

The Good

  • Brave blocks websites from tracking your location and information.
  • You can contribute to your favorite websites through Brave’s point system.
  • Brave has a built-in ad blocker.
  • Brave is completely free. 

The Bad

  • This browser is known to have issues with websites that don’t allow ad blockers. 
  • Brave doesn’t offer any add-ons or extensions to improve your online experience. 


Before you download anything, knowing what to expect from Brave is very important. Here are the key features that really make Brave stand out as one of the best private browsers. 


One of the main reasons Brave is so well regarded is that it comes with a built-in ad-blocker. Brave’s ad-blocker censor’s pop-up ads and any other ads that appear as banners or along the sides of web pages. 

Even with just the ad blocker alone, Brave will speed up the load time of every website you visit. When there are ads on a page, you have to wait not only for the website’s information to load but also have to wait for the ads to load, too. Basically, ads increase the base level loading time, which is an easy way to slow down your browsing process. But with Brave, that issue is completely avoidable! 


Due to the great ad-blocking abilities that Brave offers, your information will be withheld from any intrusive advertisements that pull your information. Websites will often track your browsing habits and store the cookies so that they can use your data to their advantage later on. 

All of your information, including your location, is kept private by Brave as it routes your signal through multiple servers with encrypted connections, providing even more security. As such, one of the best — if not the best — private browsing options in existence. 

Brave Rewards

So, we’ve said that Brave can directly support your favorite websites, but how does it work? With Brave, rather than having to wait for ads to load, you can support your favorite websites with the Basic Attention Tokens. 

When you use Brave, the browser tallies the amount of time you spend on sites, but don’t worry! This information is only stored on your device and it will never be shared anywhere else. The amount of time you spend on each website is translated into tokens, which are then spread to the websites. These tokens make it possible for you to support websites and even tip creators directly. 

Phone App

Brave offers an app that you can sync to your other devices. All you have to do is create an account and sign in from your phone. The app is compatible with firewalls and VPNs just like the desktop browsing option. Many people don’t realize the amount of information that is accessible on their phones, and most mobile browsers are not as secure as Brave. 

Firewall and VPN

Brave has an excellent firewall and an impressive VPN but they are unfortunately only available with a paid subscription. The firewall and VPN package is also only available for mobile iOS users. However, Brave has stated that these two features will be available on desktop browsers soon. 

Currently, a subscription costs either $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. If you plan to use Brave regularly, paying for the year upfront is best as it’s the most cost-effective option. However, keep in mind that these features are only available on mobile for the time being. 

Content Creators

Brave makes it possible for users to tip and support their favorite content creators directly. However, it is only possible to tip creators through Brave if the content creators have a verified account on Brave itself. Some of the big names on YouTube have accounts with Brave, including Scotty Allen and Philip DeFranco. 

This system is not only available for YouTube. You can also connect your platform via your own website, publications, or Twitch account. You can sign up and start the verification process right here on Brave Rewards Creators


Brave offers unparalleled speed, especially when compared to other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You don’t have to learn any technical information prior to setting up Brave. You won’t need to do anything other than install the browser. Once it has been downloaded, you will experience speeds up to three times faster than Brave’s competitors. 

What More Could You Want Than Security and Speed?

With the way Brave operates, you will see a positive increase in every aspect of your online experience. Safety and security are hard to come by in the ever-increasing online world, but Brave wants you to have the security that we all deserve when browsing the web. 

Since Brave is totally free, you’ll lose nothing by trying it out and seeing how it can benefit you. Take as much time as you need to feel it out. Brave is free to download and use unless you want to add updates! 

How do you like Brave Browser?