What Are the Best WordPress Chat Plugins?

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As your online presence expands, the need for a proper communication channel becomes necessary. Businesses often include their contact information on their contact us page, but this method is not necessarily efficient. 

The solution? For WordPress users, there is the option to enable online chat through chat plugins — an easy, quick and efficient way to boost interactions with your visitors. 

What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress Chat Plugins?

WordPress chat plugins, without a doubt, streamline the process of getting in touch with your consumers. But, there is more to these chat plugins. 

Quick and easy communication

Unlike email or support tickets, WordPress chat plugins offer quick and effortless two-way mediation. There is a shorter wait period for any response or support, which encourages your visitors to keep interacting.  


While the primary function of a WordPress chat plugin is accessible communication, most plugins let you perform additional tasks. You can automate messages and redirect your consumers towards FAQs. Another feature you can utilize is the addition of CTA buttons to encourage your visitors to perform specific tasks like subscribe, request demos or invest.

Data analysis

Another benefit of implementing WordPress chat plugins is data collection and analysis. Most of the plugins are designed to track and measure chat data and user engagement. These are vital to understanding your consumer demand to boost the website’s performance even further. 

What to Look for in the Best WordPress Chat Plugins

Now knowing the benefits of implementing a WordPress Chat plugin you can research the factors that determine what a good plugin features for its users. 

Support for local languages

English is the universal language. However, with non-English speaking countries, having a website that does not support local languages can pose a significant communication barrier. Therefore, when looking for a chat plugin, you need to ensure that it supports multiple or local languages that your target group uses. 

Reviews of the plugin

Another major factor that impacts a WordPress plugin is the ratings and reviews the previous users have left. The WordPress directory has a huge range of free and premium plugins, so the choice is overwhelming. When choosing the best option, always check reviews to ensure you get the plugin offering the best performance. 

Cost of the plugin

Dedicated development professionals have ensured that you can access a vast range of chat plugins you can choose from. All the plugins have a different price range. So it helps to keep in mind the cost of the plugins. Since there are plenty of free versions, you can consider the features you need and pay only on components you deem essential. 

Security issues

No website owner is pleased when their website is spammed or hacked. To avoid this, you need to consider the WordPress chat plugin’s security as these plugins have access to information regarding user data and analytics. So, when choosing a specific plugin, you need to ensure a completely secure interface. 

Support for the plugin

It is not good to implement a WordPress chat plugin if their support is not up to par. So, it is important to ensure the plugin offers dedicated, quick and effective support whenever you are looking for help. 

The Best WordPress Chat Plugins 

Now that you know the benefits and the factors determining the efficiency of a WordPress chat plugin, here is the list of the top picks.


The first choice is LiveChat, a free software and WordPress plugin to enable chat. It offers creatively crafted live chat support apps that are completely responsive. Integrating with third-party services like Google Analytics, Zendesk, MailChimp and Hubspot, this plugin provides features that extend more than a simple live chat. 


  • Versatility of features
  • High loading speed
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use mobile app


  • Is expensive 
  • Issues Have been reported regarding its mobile application support 

LiveChat offers three different plans depending on the features included.

Pricing: The starter costs $19 per month when billed annually. Its Team plan costs $39 per month and the Business plan costs $59 per month. You can bring these prices down with an annual subscription.

Rating: 4 stars


SmartSupp is a well-rounded live chat plugin focused on giving insight into the analytics of a website. Insights are essential to understand the consumer demand and resolve potential or recurring issues of your service. 


  • Offers a great UI experience 
  • Fast performance 
  • Provides pre-built templates for messages, email and live chat
  • Offers in-depth analysis of customer behavior and search profile


  • Limited chat widget customization 
  • Doesn’t offer recovery for conversations or save your visitor details once a chat is closed 

Pricing: Apart from the free version, this plugin offers two different plans, which cost $10 and $19 per month. You can choose either, depending on the additional components you need. 

Rating: 4 stars

Pure Chat

From a creative perspective, Pure Chat is the most eye-catching and interesting WordPress chat plugin available. If your goal is to stand out with a unique design implemented with animation or images, Pure Chat is ideal. It allows you to integrate chat widgets and enable automated messages while tracking and analyzing data.


  • You can install the mobile app that your visitors can access 
  • Real-time analytics for instant access to transcripts after the chat ends 
  • Offers instant notifications of any updates or inquiries 


  • Limited free version 
  • 3 support agent limit
  • Has a complex customization process 

Pricing: Pure chat offers multiple pricing plans you can opt for depending on the features required. Its plan price ranges from $13 per month to $79 per month when paid annually. You will have to pay $49 per month or $99 per month if you are looking for a monthly payment plan.

Rating: 4 stars


An excellent way to implement live chat on a website with a unique tool is Freshchat. It allows you to connect your support chat using live agents or AI chatbots to initiate real-time conversations. Easy and effortless, this plugin is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to their messenger applications.


  • You can enable desktop notifications 
  • Gain insight into customer timelines 
  • Offers live profiles and automated chatbots
  • Lets you customize messages through a user-friendly interface 


  • Automated bots tend to lag occasionally 
  • The premium version comes with a hefty price tag 

Pricing: Freshchat offers 3 premium plans that cost $15, $24 and $39 per member per month, respectively. 

Rating: 4 stars


Hubspot is a flexible and multipurpose WordPress chat plugin. Alongside a professional live chat interface, you get access to forms, pop-up options, email automation, tally and analytic. Additionally, this plugin integrates seamlessly with other third-party tools. Hubspot is also simple to install and implement.


  • You can enable chatbots 
  • You can strategically place CTAs, automate messages and manage your social platforms all at once 
  • Upon activation, it performs several tasks that are usually reserved for other individual plugins.


  • Limited features through the free version 
  • Premium services may be costly 
  • Customizing default email templates is a bit complex and requires coding knowledge. 

Pricing: Hubspot offers 3 different pricing plans depending on the features it offers. The Starter pack is $50 per month, the Professional package costs $800 per month and the Enterprise package is $3200 per month. 

Rating: 3 stars

Never Leave Your Consumer Unanswered

Live chat is a great asset to any business website and comes with a load of benefits. Boosting engagement, improving online presence and keeping consumers satisfied with your services are just a few. Especially with WordPress sites having access to a range of free plugins, the versatility these chat plugins offer is a must-have. 

Before deciding to go with a plugin, make sure you understand your needs and try out the free or trial versions before paying for their premium versions. Keep the key factors in mind that make up the best WordPress chat plugins and take it from there.