Best Websites for Free Public Domain Images

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The best way to hook your audience is through the use of images on your site. Many competing sites are putting out similar content, but finding the best picture with some of the best websites for free public domain images is critical for setting yourself apart from other competitors.

Free public domain images allow designers to find quality images on any topic for free. As design becomes more of a valued part of site creation, the popularity of public domain image sites among the masses grows astronomically.

What are the Benefits of Using a Website for Free Public Domain Images?

Plenty of factors contribute to the growing popularity of free public domain images, benefiting the site and designer simultaneously. 

Wide selection of photos

Many sites offer you an exciting selection of stock photos. Still, it can be easy for you to find yourself stranded without any possibilities as you face restrictions or issues with copywriting. Free domain image websites ensure that you can use every image, improving the selection you regularly would have if you were to do a general search. 

Full access to images

Leading brands in stock imagery and domain image use often ask for a subscription quantity or individually packaged charge for each image. The benefit of having free domain image websites is that anyone trying to better their website or company site can access any image.

Diverse images

Overall, high-quality and diverse images can immensely influence website traffic, search engine optimization and viewer retention on content. Images are a creative and interactive way to engage your audience, making it easy to diversify your content. 

What to Look for in the Best Websites for Free Public Domain Images

It’s hard to know what websites are best for free public domain images, as the variety and breadth of these websites are so vast. Below are some factors to take into consideration when navigating a website. 

Good image quality

Good image quality is critical for ensuring that you appear reputable, professional and legitimate to your audience and visitors. When it comes to the images you use, include only highest quality images for clarity and pop. 

Ease of download and sharing

Many websites have free domain images, but downloading or sharing a photo can sometimes be challenging. Confirm that the site you use is accessible and easy to use, with easy sharing platforms and download access.

Availability of various resolution

Another factor that you should look out for is variation in resolution quality. You want to make sure the picture comes in different resolutions, depending on how much capacity you have on the site and the location of the image. 


When scanning for images online, it can be difficult to know what keywords will provide you with the proper selection of photos to use. The categorization tool found in many free domain image sites is the perfect way to browse and explore related images that you might have otherwise missed. 

Safe and secure to use

Safety and security are two essential factors when navigating the internet. But specifically, with image use, you want to make sure that the website you are using for domain images is safe and secure.

The Best Websites for Free Public Domain Images

In navigating the factors listed above across website channels, consider our list of options to choose from. 


Pexels offers thousands of royalty-free images licensed under the Creative Common Zero license, meaning the images on Pexels are for personal and commercial use across blogs, websites and apps. 


  • There is a high range of image sizes. 
  • Pexels allows you to browse and explore without something specific in mind. 


  • When browsing, you need category tags to find an image.
  • Searching feels slightly chaotic, with a reliance on specific keywords to find photos. 


Unsplash is one of the best public domain image sites, with easy search and download access. All images fall under the Unsplash License, which states that anyone can use photos for free for any reason. 


  • The download pages show view and download count and the creator or photographer if you like the selected photo.
  • The quick download button allows easy access to all content at a fast pace. 
  • Several collections and genres are available to explore.


  • It asks to credit the author after every download. 


Pixabay is one of the most expansive sites for free domain images, with more than 1 million royalty-free photos, illustrations, graphics and video and music content. 


  • There is a large selection of images with category tagging. 
  • You can donate to the creator if you choose. 
  • Every image is free regardless of download size. 


  • There are complaints about rude customer service. 
  • There are complaints about the random rejection of images. 
  • You will need an account for any image and complete resolution. 

Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons gives access to thousands of public photography images. It is a joint project between Flickr and the Library of Congress, providing access to help photography collections online publicly. The content is primarily historical.


  • You have access to historical photographs that are free for general use.
  • There are partnerships with many prestigious organizations.


  • Weak search capabilities, with a lack of categorization and keyword searching.
  • Images are in no coherent order, which means finding what you want is difficult. 


Kaboompics is another easily-accessible public domain image site with category functionality. It is a royalty-free service for stock images created for lifestyle, interior design and design-based work.


  • Different and unique filtering options that sort content by color, keyword, orientation and category. 
  • New photos are added every day.
  • You can have a custom download size option.
  • No attribution is required.


  • Its strange layout and design can take some getting used to. 

Let Photos Take You to the Next Level

When trying to find creative ways to elevate your website aesthetic and content optimization, images can be one of the best and fastest ways to enthuse your audience. Free domain images help showcase all the photos accessible to the general public. Having a shortlist of some of the best players for free domain images can be a helpful place to start, with specific pros and cons outlined for all to consider.