Best VoIP Software

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables users to make calls over the internet. It is a cheaper alternative to telephone services from local carriers.

When users access a stable internet, VoIP facilitates video calls, instant messaging, file sharing and web conferencing. Other features include email integration, automated attendants and call queues. 

VoIP provides the sophisticated solutions businesses individuals need today. A VoIP operating system converts voices to digital signals, which make it possible to place calls from a computer or other data-driven devices.

What Are the Benefits of Using VoIP Software?

In recent times, this software has become a favorite for communication services. Here are some reasons why:

Easy to Install and Manage

Imagine the stress of setting up traditional phone lines. In contrast, VoIP is relatively easy to configure, install and maintain. 

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you’ll find it easy to use this software. 

Wide Range of Features 

Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP comes with a myriad of features. As a business owner, you can speak with a client over the phone and access your voicemail. 

VoIP converts voicemails to text and sends them to your email. It makes multitasking easy. You can also forward voicemails to your team with the click of a button. 

For individuals and businesses, this fantastic productivity tool increases efficiency. The extensive features are many. 

Conference Calls Made Easy

During the pandemic, many businesses resorted to virtual meetings. Virtual communication can be inconvenient for team members due to glitches and other errors. 

VoIP software makes things a lot easier. It allows you to manage conference calls via a data network. You don’t have to worry about using a limited number of dedicated phone lines. This software ensures there are enough lines for each team member. 

Ease of Interaction

VoIP software makes it possible to run your business from different locations. It ensures that essential calls, voicemail and even documents get to the right places. 

You can choose when to receive calls or redirect them to another team member when necessary. That way, you can forward one call to more than one device and ensure no customer’s needs go ignored. 

Also, your team members can fax documents to each other over the internet. This process is a lot easier than locating fax machines. 

Portable and Reliable Software

Your virtual or VoIP number is portable. You can use it anywhere you go, unlike traditional phone numbers. If you travel all the time, this benefit will be helpful.

Even if your business changes its address, you can maintain the same VoIP phone number. If you have a strong internet connection; you can rely on this service.

VoIP also allows your business to grow. You don’t need to buy expensive hardware or permanent lines. Hence, you can channel your capital into other profitable ventures. 

What to Look for in the Best VoIP Software

Before choosing a VoIP software to use, consider the following:

Advanced Call Management 

Your business needs call management systems to handle inbound and outbound calls. Call management is a prominent feature of most VoIP software. 

You want to ensure that whatever software you choose provides this feature as it will help you manage the caller experience of your business. 

Different solutions provide this function at an affordable price. Choose one that suits your budget. 

Call Routing

Call routing is an effective way to manage calls from around the world. You can navigate callers to different agents better suited to their needs. 

Call routing improves your business communications because customers speak only to experts. In turn, the best team members resolve their problems. Watch out for this feature when choosing VoIP software. 

Call Analytics

Customer communication is essential for every business. VoIP software makes it possible to gather insights into consumer behavior. VoIP analytics show you who is calling and why even before picking up. This feature also helps you understand your consumer pain points and solve them. It guides your marketing campaigns to get positive results. 

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding services allow you to fix an automatic transfer of calls from one number to another. This feature helps if you are out of the office and have urgent calls to attend to. You can direct these calls to another available number or a different team member. 


VoIP is a budget service because you save a lot of money you would have spent on traditional calls. And each brand of software offers different available options with varying prices. 

Find one that suits your budget and has all or most of the features you need to get more for less. 

The Best VoIP Software 

A variety of VoIP software options stand out in the market. Here are a few exceptional ones:


This product allows customers to choose how they want to communicate with you. It provides various options like chat, voice, SMS, email and other self-service options. The routing functionality directs customers to agents suited to handle their needs. 


  • Saves telephone costs, as you only pay a monthly bill 
  • Provides real-time reports and analytics to track call center performance
  • Offers an integrated, easy-to-use interface 
  • Facilitates smart routing to connect callers to suitable agents 
  • Allows customers to choose which communication channels work best for them 


  • No custom greeting 
  • Requires expensive plans to unlock its full features 


  • Businesses that want to take advantage of affordable call management systems 


Plans start at $29.99 per user every month. A standard plan costs $34.99 a month and grants access to multilevel features. Its premium plan costs $44.99 per user, and the ultimate plan that allows unlimited storage costs $59.99.


High-quality call management features at low prices. It provides HD video calling features that help businesses render top-notch services. 


  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Voicemail to text or email 
  • Caller ID
  • Unlimited business SMS
  • Free toll-free number


  • Website glitches
  • Mobile app not available on the essential plan


  • Teams that want to coordinate activities. It contains features that ensure seamless team messaging and video calling. 


There are 4 price categories:

  • The Essential plan is perfect for large teams. It starts at $18.95 per month per user and provides unlimited voice and video calling. Users also get a toll-free number and toll-free minutes. 
  • The Professional plan starts at $22.95 per month per user. It enables conference calling and business SMS.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $32.95 per month and has more integration services. It also provides more toll-free minutes with no limits on the size of video conferences. 
  • The Ultimate plan provides unlimited services starting at $57.95 per month. 


8×8 is a cheaper platform with essential features that even small businesses can afford. 


  • Low costs
  • Merges all features into one platform
  • Great call management handling features


  • No mobile app
  • Lacks a user guide 


  • A business that wants full functions at low prices 


  • 8 x 8 Express – $12 per month with unlimited domestic calls, business SMS, call Routing, team chat, etc 
  • X2 – $32 per month with basic analytics and voice and video functionality 
  • X4 – $57 per month with advanced analytics and call management features 

Google Voice

Easy-to-use software with good cloud-based service. 


  • Seamless integration with Google apps 
  • Low-cost plans, perfect for small teams 
  • Easy to navigate 


  • No advanced call management features 
  • Lacks emergency calling 


  • Teams that want a virtual phone number without the complex traditional system 


  • Personal plan – free for a user alone
  • Starter plan – $10 per month per user. Allows up to 10 users with unlimited calling, SMS, Google integration, etc.
  • Standard plan – $20 per month per user for an unlimited number of users 
  • Premier plan – $30 per month per user. It provides advanced reporting and covers international locations 


This software adds VoIP to existing phone systems. It gets your analog devices on board. 


  • Call forwarding
  • Virtual receptionist services 
  • Call recording 
  • SMS groups


  • No mobile app 


  • Small businesses that want to improve call quality and reduce their phone bill at the same time 


  • Ooma Office – $19.95 per month per user 
  • Ooma Office Pro – $24.95 per month per user


This software helps businesses communicate with ease by providing efficient services. 


  • Integrated caller ID
  • Auto recording 
  • Voicemail transcribing 
  • HD Video 


  • Minor glitches 


  • Teams looking for VoIP software that is easy to install. It works across all existing devices, which makes it easier for teams to adopt. 


  • Standard – $15 a month per user
  • Pro – $25 a month per user
  • Enterprise – $35 a month per user

Where to Go From Here

VoIP software comes in different plans to meet individual and business needs. It makes it easy for people to communicate with each other. Also, businesses find it easier to reach customers.

With the proper software, you can transform your business. The tips in this article serve as a perfect guide to help you make a decision.