Best Video Editing Software For YouTubers

Contributor, Benzinga

If you can utilize YouTube to reach the billions of searches and users that exist on this platform, you can create an extremely successful channel. But to emulate how the pros and already established channels do it, you want to create and edit your videos with the same programs as them. 

Find the top video editing software used by your favorite YouTubers now.

What Kind of Videos Do YouTubers Create?

YouTube channels can be created for so many different goals. There are some that are more popular than others, and the quality of editing does not always make a difference. 

Remember that many viewers like to feel like they have a personal connection with the content creators. It does not matter the quality – if the videos feel ingenuine and distant, you will likely not reach as many as you would with low quality, genuine content. 

Figuring out what type of content is best for you to approach is key to your success. As you read through these types of channels you can determine which fits you and your goals. 


Vlogs are going to be one of the simplest videos to edit. Beyond some basic color grading, all that you need to do to edit a Vlog is make some cuts, maybe add a few transitions and line everything up correctly. 

If there is any sort of intro or outro video, that will be the more difficult part to edit initially, but once it is created you can simply import it into every video. 

How-To Tutorials

How-to videos are another simple video type but are more complicated than a vlog. The best How-to videos will use multiple cameras and angles so that the viewer can get the full picture of what is going on. 

Time jumps and timelapse edits are common to let the viewer see what is happening while quickly passing through the mundane repetitive portions. 


Video game channels have so many different styles to use. Many channels currently will capture their streams on Twitch, then edit what they have captured after the fact. This could just be skipping through the boring parts or it could include every part of the stream. 

Many Minecraft players will just upload the entirety of the video, slow parts and all, while Call of Duty players stick to highlights.  


Channels focused around music could be related to music production, covers, original songs and teaching. For low-budget channels focused on live performances, most try to do the video in one shot with one camera. Then there are channels that create music videos requiring heavy editing and that opens its own world of possibilities. 

Short Films

Creating short films is one of the best ways to stretch yourself in your skills whether that be for writing, filming or editing. It tests your editing abilities to maintain a consistent look and feel for the entirety of the project. 

If you want more action-based film, you can even push yourself in creating special effects for the film. 

Best Video Editing Software YouTubers Use

Now that you have thought about what type of channel you want to create, you just have to pick the best video editing software. All of these choices are great for creators in any style, but each program has its own benefits and strengths for specific editing types. 

1. Best for Free Options and Gamers: DaVinci Resolve

The best part of working with video games for a YouTube channel is that you have no color grading to do and it is an easier type of video to edit. Since it is free, a lot of gaming channels will utilize the professional quality that DaVinci Resolve has to offer. 

The high resolution offered by DaVinci Resolve will keep the video uncompressed and looking clean for your content.

Pricing: Free

2. Best for Adobe Users and Any Video Style: Adobe Premiere Pro

Videos from YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Logan Paul are edited through Adobe Premiere. These 2 channels are a perfect example of the variety of ways that you can edit with a single editing software like Premiere. This is geared a bit more towards professionals, both of these channels utilize hired editors for their videos. 


  • Premiere Pro: $20.99 per month

Working as a freelance editor, you want to be able to market yourself with all of your skills and abilities. You can get a great discount on all of Adobe’s products to work with visuals. There is also an even better discount available for students and teachers. 

  • All Apps: $52.99 per month
  • Student and Teacher All Apps: $19.99 per month

3. Best for Mac Users and Vloggers: Final Cut Pro

Many Vloggers and video journalists will record with their iPhones because of the ease of use and rise in quality that their phones have. Once it is recorded, it is easy to transfer your content to a Macbook through Airdrop. The go-to editing software for Mac is Final Cut, so this is generally the first option that many YouTubers who have Macs will use.

Pricing: $299.99

Bundles: If you are a student, building a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to fill any spare time you have. Apple offers a nice package available to students to acquire Final Cut Pro, as well as Logic Pro and the other professional editing programs. With Logic Pro to edit audio combined with Final Cut Pro on video, you can create professional and well-created content. 

4. Best Free Option for Mac: iMovie

Final Cut Pro is great if you can afford it, to edit your channel. However, editing simple videos with iMovie will produce a fantastic result. Using iMovie, you can turn out 4K resolution which YouTube supports. When you have the HD symbol on your videos, that lets viewers know you are putting out high-quality work. 

Pricing: Free

5. Best for Classic Effects and Short Films: Adobe After Effects

When looking for a video editing program that works to make high-quality videos for every platform, After Effects is the best choice. Simple videos are easy to produce but After Effects works even better when creating more in-depth videos. Creating short films that need special effects and details is what After Effects is built for. 

Pricing: $20.99 per month

Like I mentioned under Premiere Pro, Adobe offers discounts for creators who purchase all of their products as well as students and teachers. 

  • All Apps: $52.99 per month
  • Student and Teacher All Apps: $19.99 per month

Use the Best Video Editing Software

When you try to create a successful channel, you need to market yourself not only in high-quality videos but also in creating eye-catching thumbnails and video names. Try to make your videos easy to recognize and something that would be easy to find when using the search bar. 

Once you have caught the viewer’s attention with the cover, your beautiful edits will keep them there until the very end.