Best Travel Agency CRMs

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Travel agencies can optimize their sales and marketing strategies by leveraging technology like a travel agency CRM. A CRM is a platform that lets you provide a personalized touch to your customers, foster sales and retain customers. 

Learn more about the travel agent CRM platforms and review some of the best in the market now.

What are the Benefits of Using CRM?

Travel agent CRMs let you operate better and maintain a personalized relationship with your customers. What’s more? Here are a few more of the benefits: 

Enhanced Customer Relationship

A CRM can give you a 360-degree view of every customer. It can assist you in providing a more personalized experience suited to their needs,so you retain your customers, improve your sales and even capture new leads.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

A travel agent CRM allows marketing teams to streamline and generate cost-effective marketing campaigns. It also enables you to visualize the performance of the marketing campaigns in realtime and enhance your reach.

Automate Sales Tasks

CRMs automate back-office tasks like sending email, booking requests, follow-up, cancellation, invoice generation, sending itineraries and more. It also facilitates automated reports from different analytical tools.

What Factors Make a Good CRM for a Travel Agency?

Before getting your new travel agent CRM, don’t forget to look into the following factors:


Analytics help businesses to monitor every operation such as sales, target meter, generate leads and prioritize your best opportunities. Drawing actionable results from these insights lets you make data-driven decisions.

The best travel agent CRM allows your team to view multidimensional reports and understand the market trends. In short, if the travel agent CRM you have your eye on doesn’t provide insightful analytics, it’s better to walk away from it.


Any customer’s or business’s data is of the utmost importance. Double-check to see if the CRM takes data security seriously. 

Some of the best travel agency CRM even have a dedicated security and privacy team to ward off and prevent threats to your system. These CRMs are also compliant with GDPR and HIPAA and follow robust encryption protocols.


Price is the most important factor behind the choice of any tool. Always check if the CRM has transparent pricing and fits your budget. Many CRMs charge you a fee per month. 

Some set an annual fee and some even offer longer extensions. Don’t forget to check if you can save through its subscription options, and avoid buying a tool with functionality that you don’t use. 


Not all businesses are the same, and there is no single tool that can fit every aspect of every business. So, CRMs must be customizable. By customizing your CRM, you can position your CRM to serve your business better. 

Suppose you are looking for a business analytics tool other than its inbuilt mechanism. A better CRM should allow you to add the tool of your choice easily. The best travel agent CRM lets you customize modules and settings. 

The Best Travel Agency CRMs

Now that you know the benefits of a travel agent CRM and what to look for in one, you should be waiting to learn about our top picks as well. Let’s explore some of the travel agency CRM that we have found to be the best.

1. Best Value: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM for travel agencies is trusted by a global network of over 150,000 businesses. It can easily manage flight bookings, hotel bookings and activity bookings. 

The automation of sales workflows, process and performance management, and customization tools like subforms, filters and page views makes Zoho CRM stand out from the crowd. It also handles emails, social media, live chats and web conferencing.

Zoho provides 5 different plans: Zoho CRM Starter, Standard ($12), Professional ($20), Enterprise ($35) and Ultimate ($45). If you choose the Enterprise plan, you get all the Standard and Professional Plan features plus features like Zia Al, CommandCenter, Multi-user Portals, Advanced Customization, Mobile SDK & MDM and Canvas.

2. Best for Multi-platform Support: Rezdy

Rezdy is a popular online travel agent CRM suitable for tours and attraction providers, hotel chains and vehicle rental businesses. It also allows you to sell products on websites and across multiple distribution networks. 

Rezdy centralizes your customer data all in one place. Some of its notable features are online bookings in real time, automated payment modes and in-app messaging. It also connects you to some of the world’s largest travel networks like TripAdvisor and Expedia. 

Its pricing plan starts from $49 per month for start-ups to $249 per month for enterprise-level businesses. To help you make a decision, it also offers a 21-day free trial version.

3. Best for AI-based Analytics: Freshworks

Freshworks (formerly Freshsales) is an AI-based CRM that can help you to manage customer relationships. With its AI-based lead scoring, customizable dashboards and a visual deal pipeline, you can get a better overview of your business at any point in time.

Through its AI-based engine, Freshworks lets you have more productive conversations by showing context-relevant information based on your previous interactions with the customer. It also includes key features like email tracking, sales campaigns management, template personalization, calendar sync and notification alerts. 

You can start using Freshsales CRM software from $29 per user per month. 

4. Best Customer Support: SugarCRM 

SugarCRM is easily among the top travel CRMs. It lets you automate processes related to customer services, marketing, accounts and sales. 

Its customized features like the global search function, wizard toolbar, shortcut bar, and customized homepage can help you position yourself better to understand and influence your customers. Some of its additional features include automated alerts, in-built SEO and social media marketing. 

SugarCRM allows you to choose from 5 different plans starting from $52 per user per month to $ 1,000 per month for 10,000 contacts. There are no other hidden fees for additional plugins.

5. Best Simple User Interface: Capsule

Capsule is one of those CRM that gets you started quickly. Though relevantly young in the CRM market, it grew popular relatively faster because of its simplicity of usage.

Like most travel agent CRM, it lets you track your customer relationships and sales pipelines. Despite fewer campaigns and reporting functionalities than some of the other CRMs, it still stands as a strong option for small businesses. Some of its key features are personalized customer experience, intuitive dashboard, calendar with tasks, sales pipeline and bulk actions support.

The capsule has a reasonably affordable pricing model at $18 per user per month and 2GB of storage per user. Capsule CRM is a good value choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Find a Travel Agent CRM Today

Travel agent CRM helps your agency streamline several back-office operations, automate manual processes, create real-time data and provide faster services. These features, in turn, improve customer experience and increase customer retention as well as attraction. 

No doubt, travel agent CRM is what your business needs to manage growth. But before deciding to go with a tool, it is important to understand all of its pros and cons. Invest some time to find and compare available CRMs in the market.