Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives

SurveyMonkey simplifies the survey process with 17 formats for asking questions, a diverse color palette for survey customization and respondent tracking. 

Yet SurveyMonkey lacks a better UI and is an expensive solution. Thankfully, there are plenty of better SurveyMonkey alternatives that are feature-rich, simple to use and lightweight. Let us see some of these alternatives now.

What to Look for in a SurveyMonkey Alternative?

Before learning about the best SurveyMonkey alternatives, let’s look at the factors that make an excellent SurveyMonkey alternative.

Email invites

SurveyMonkey alternatives must offer email invites to conduct surveys. The email invite must reach the respondent, which respondent can click and goto to the survey hosted at the survey site. 

CRM integration

By integrating customer surveys into your current CRM systems, you can better understand your existing relationships with your customer. This information can prove vital to enhancing customer attraction, retention and conversion. Check if your chosen solution integrates with your CRM.

Social media integration

The surveys posted to social media networking sites can get you a massive collection of customer feedback from a wide variety of customers with a simple one-click solution. SurveyMonkey alternatives should let you share surveys via social media.

Automatic reminders

Any survey tools should let you send automatic reminders to the invitees if they have not answered the survey. You should be able to send these reminders via email or text messages. Check if the alternative lets you send reminders easily.

Platform independence

A SurveyMonkey alternative must have an offline and online mobile app and be compatible with all types of devices. The alternative should collect and store data in offline mode and sync with the central server when the device gets connected to the internet.

Trend analysis

Not every feedback from the customer is relevant to the survey you are carrying out. The alternative to SurveyMonkey should provide you with a simple trend analysis mechanism to filter out irrelevant responses from the results.

The Best Alternatives to SurveyMonkey 

Based on the factors above, we have listed below some of the best SurveyMonkey alternatives in the market.


SurveySparrow is the most intelligently designed survey tool promising a 40% higher survey completion rate. If you want better customization controls, this tool is an excellent choice.

It lets you create an attractive survey by adding background images and customizing buttons and CSS. It also offers 2 outputs: chat-like surveys and conversational forms. SurveySparrow also has features like 360-degree feedback assessment, offline surveys, chatbots for websites and multiple logic blocks.

SurveySparrow’s chat-like surveys don’t support multiple lines.

Pricing starts from $149 per month when billed annually. You also get a 14-day free trial to test its features.  

Rating – 5 stars


Qualtrics is powered by an excellent algorithm and a highly sophisticated predictive intelligence engine called iQ. It is a perfect tool for freelancers or individuals.

This tool lets you conduct intuitive, visually appealing and complex surveys and analyze the data in real-time. You can leverage 100+ question types, advanced branching, embedded data and display logic. It also offers email, SMS, mobile site, website, social network, receipt and offline surveys. Qualtrics survey solutions are affordable too.

Its downside is the complicated UI. Though it lets you change the text color easily, changing the report color can be difficult.

You can create a free account with Qualtrics and access the features with limitations. For a paid plan, you need to contact its sales team.

Rating – 5 stars


Jotform is a highly advanced and popular tool that allows users to build and design online surveys from anywhere and anytime.

JotForm comes with a clean design and exciting interface. It offers 10,000+ templates, hundreds of customizable widgets and attractive JotForm Mobile Forms. Some of its unique features include conditional logic that pops up questions based on a respondent’s answers. Jotform is HIPAA compliant.

Despite the pluses, JotForm doesn’t provide live phone support.

JotForm offers a free plan. Its paid plan begins from $24 per month if you opt for its annual subscription.

Rating – 5 stars


LimeSurvey is an open-source survey tool offering an unlimited number of surveys. It is best for anyone looking to create powerful surveys.

Amazingly easy to use, LimeSurvey is entirely open source. You can modify this tool to your needs and preferences. It also supports 80 languages, gives you the option of 28 different question types and provides anonymous responses. Some of its additional features include offline response collection, email marketing, mobile survey, skip logic and question branching.

The drawback of LimeSurvey is the limited survey templates and customer support in the free version. Its user interface is complicated and will require training to use the tool.

Though a free plan is available, it comes with limited features. Its paid plan pricing starts from $40.88 per month. Students, teachers, and nonprofits qualify for discounts too.  

Rating – 4.5 stars


Typeform comes with an exceptionally intuitive user interface, offering a great user experience. It is the best tool for those who want a visually appealing interface to work with.

Typeform is easy to set up and get started. You can create a survey from the list of pre-designed templates. It also has an option to create both formal and personalized surveys. You can even choose from quizzes and interactive surveys as per your needs. It supports multiple integrations, conversion tracking and team collaboration.

The downside of Typeform is the lack of features and better customer support.

The paid plan pricing starts from $35 per month. It also has a free plan to get started.

Rating – 4.5 stars

Find a SurveyMonkey Alternative Now

When it comes to Survey tools, SurveyMonkey is a leader. However, there are several survey tools in the market that give it tough competition. Apart from adding various exciting features, these survey tools have overcome the limitations of SurveyMonkey. Our top picks can help you find a survey tool today.