Best Sound Masking Machine

Contributor, Benzinga

The sounds, of lack there of, in an office can be distracting and annoying. A sound masking machine can help drown out unwanted sound or fill the void of an empty space. 

Review our list of the best sound masking machines for an office now. 

What to Look for in a Sound Masking Machine and Why to Use One

The concept of noise masking is the same as a set of noise-cancelling headphones but on a larger scale. A set of noise-cancelling headphones cuts out the sound around you by emitting a frequency range generally referred to as white noise. The white noise acts as a shield filling your ears to cover up the sounds around you. Sound masking machines work in the same fashion where they will emit those frequencies through speakers to cover up small noises and fill an empty space. 

When you are in a fairly quiet environment, your brain and ears start to amplify normal sounds that you hear but do not recognize because of the noise of everyday life around you. To help cover up noises like that, you can use a sound masking machine. When you choose a machine for your office environment, take these factors into consideration. 


You want to make sure that the level of the sound masking machine is not overpowering to you and your workers. While it’s for covering up conversations enough to improve call and conversational privacy, you don’t want it so loud it interferes with those interactions. 

Size of the Room

Square footage and the number of employees come into play when you choose a sound masking machine. Obviously, you will need more speakers just to evenly cover a larger area. The number of employees and where everyone is located in relation to one another will also affect how many you need. 


It’s easy for a small repetitive sound to become distracting and aggravating. A sound masking machine producing sound at the same level can work to cover up those annoying sounds that get in the way of your focus. 

A sound machine placed outside of an office to provide a sense of security during private and confidential conversations. It will be nearly impossible for a person to understand the voices inside of the office between the closed door and a speaker sunning the masking noise.

The Best Sound Masking Machine for an Office

With these ideas in mind, you can determine the best sound masking machines for your office environment. 

Desktop Sound Masking Machine from Acoustical Solutions 

If you have a smaller room that only a few people will be in, such as an office for one person or a small waiting room, a desktop sound masking machine like this will serve your purpose well. 

The unit both creates the sound and amplifies it through the speaker. You can hang it on the wall or have it sit on a desk or shelf. 


  • All-in-1 unit
  • Wall mount capabilities


  • Only effective in small rooms

Best for: Small rooms

Pricing: $339

Sound Masking System from Pure Resonance Audio

If you want to use your system as integration between outdoor and indoor environments, take a look at the sound masking system from Pure Resonance Audio. 

The main receiver has level controls for each of the 4 individual speakers as well as there being controls on each speaker itself. The receiver can also be mounted on a rack. 

With the way the speakers have been treated with 2 layer powder-coated grills for weatherproofing, you can expect them to provide quality audio in whatever environment you need. 


  • Weatherproof
  • Level controls
  • Includes mounting materials


  • Only comes with 250 feet of speaker wire
  • Sounds are held on a USB

Best for: Outdoor environments

Pricing: $968.99

Ceiling Tile Sound Masking

Pure Resonance Audio is a great producer for any sort of sound masking, but this stands out above all other choices. All you have to do is replace your regular ceiling tile with its speakers, run the wire and you are ready to go.


  • Easy installation
  • Inconspicuous
  • Bluetooth connection


  • Only comes with 250 feet of speaker wire
  • Sounds are held on a USB

Best for: Inconspicuous speakers

Pricing: $759.99

Rockville Commercial Receiver+10 8” Speakers

You don’t need a system built specifically for sound masking to use it in this way. A standard receiver and speaker setup like the Rockville Commercial Receiver will work well. 

All you have to do is set it up with a loop of the noise you want to use. You can transition it to playing music if you would like to as well. 


  • EQ and level control
  • 10 Speakers
  • Has bluetooth connection


  • Does not have built-in sounds

Best for: Larger rooms

Pricing: $499.95

The Sound of Productivity

Take the time to evaluate your working environment and how you will use a sound masking machine before you go to make the purchase. There are devices tailored to every specific purpose. 

A sound masking machine can improve your office environment with a boost in the overall mood and productivity of your workforce.