Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

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There’s a multitude of reasons why someone would want to record their screen. It could be for a personal project, a professional video or starting a YouTube channel related to tech or gaming. Another reason someone would want to record their screen is for educational videos and classroom use. If you’re on a Mac, you need to know that it can keep up with your pace and that of the computer. No matter the reason, you want to make sure you have the best screen recording software for your Mac.

What to Look for in Screen Recording Software for Mac

When you’re diving into using screen recording software for your Mac, there are many choices and even 1 or 2 options built into the computer itself. If you are having trouble determining which option is best for what you are trying to accomplish, here are some tips about what to look for. 

Recording quality

One of the biggest elements that make Mac stand out is the high-quality results that their computers strive for. Mac is one of the best types of computers for digital media, so it only makes sense that you want to have the best possible recording quality for your content. As you look through your options, be sure to see what the capture quality of these programs is and if it meets your expectations. 


Working to create a custom workflow is a great way to speed up your production process. One way of doing so is by creating custom controls for your screen recording software. Most programs will offer premade shortcuts that you can either use or customize to be whatever you want. This is perfect for starting, pausing or stopping your recording with the push of a single button. 


Finding compatible programs is sometimes a big issue for Mac users, which is why we have this list here. There are countless programs that are amazing and can fit every checkmark on a list but only are available for Windows. Always check the compatibility before you download any programs to make sure it is compatible with your OS as well as the current update you are running. 

Audio recording

One truly important function that can slip your mind very easily is the audio side of the screen recording. You need to figure out what audio needs to be recorded for your videos. Will you need your voice? Will you need the audio of what is being done on the screen? These are important features to think of to make sure that your screen recording software offers a solution to recording these types of inputs. 

The Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Now that you have some guidance and insight on what you should consider when looking at the best screen recording software for Mac, you can more easily determine the best choice for you. Once you have determined your goals and needs, take a look at these amazing choices. 

QuickTime Player

Before you start looking into paid products and programs, make sure you look through the software you already have installed. QuickTime Player has a built-in audio and screen recorder that you can use, and it comes with your Mac. To get started just open QuickTime, click “File,” then “New Screen Recording.” Once that menu is open you can change settings and adjust the screen to the size you would like. 


  • Comes with your Mac
  • Easy to set up and get started


  • Little customization for audio

Best for: Basic screen recording on Mac

Pricing: Included in the Mac

Rating: 4 stars


For both audio and video excellence, OBS is a perfect choice for anyone looking to do general content creation. The settings allow you to assign and adjust audio inputs, as well as use it for streaming. OBS is an all-around production tool that can set you up for success in whatever avenue you choose. 


  • Plethora of professional tools
  • Choice customization for audio and video


  • Has a learning curve for new users

Best for: All-around video and audio quality

Pricing: Free

Rating: 5 stars


If you’re looking for a screen recorder that can do more than just a screen recording, you should check out Monosnap. With Monosnap you can create professional screen recordings as well as custom-sized screenshots and even make GIFs. 


  • Multi-use program
  • Integrates with popular 3rd-party apps
  • Customizable controls


  • Does not offer video editing tools

Best for: Customization


  • Free
  • Noncommercial
    • $2.50 per month (billed yearly)
    • $3 per month (billed monthly)
  • Commercial
    • $5 per month (billed yearly)
    • $10 per month (billed monthly)

Rating: 4 stars


If you’re not interested in the content creation side of screen recording, perhaps working within an organization or business with Loom suits you better. When you want to easily convey a message to your colleagues or create some sort of tutorial for users, you can create a video through Loom. You can also share your recordings privately for specific users or publicly for everyone to see. 


  • In-app editing
  • Custom video sizing
  • Can record screen and camera


  • Other users have reported varying audio quality
  • Limited use for free users

Best for: Businesses and Organizations


  • Free
  • Business
    • $8 per month (billed yearly)
    • $10 per month (billed monthly)

Rating: 4 stars


Movavi has a name for multiple programs in the media world. It works with pictures and video editing, and with the Movavi Screen Recorder, you can know that you’re getting an app that provides results. You can either purchase this app through the App Store or through Movavi themselves. With their useful sidebar, you can work on your settings easily all while looking at the screen and record audio from any connected device. This makes it the perfect way to record for any type of project. 


  • Multiple audio inputs
  • In-app editing
  • Clean video recording


  • There is a watermark in the free version

Best for: Diverse uses


  • Free 
  • Screen recorder for Mac
    • $39.95
  • Screen recorder and video Editor Plus
    • $64.95

Rating: 5 stars

Where to go From Here

When it comes to the creative process, you can create an endless stream of content and videos with quality screen recorders. Each option on this list is a reliable program that you can know will help you create fruitful results. Once you get started and have your optimal process figured out, you won’t want to stop.