Best Reseller Hosting

Every business needs to have its own website and space on the internet. This need has only grown as more business is done online than ever before. 

Due to this high demand, the web hosting industry is experiencing a drastic business boom, particularly with reseller hosting. Reseller hosting provides opportunities for businesses and individuals to start their hosting services. 

Find the best reseller hosting for this year.

What is Reseller Hosting? 

Reseller hosting is when you buy web hosting resources from a parent web hosting company and sell the web hosting to other clients, essentially acting as your own hosting company. 

Reseller hosting is an opportunity for individuals who want to start their hosting services or want to add an extra layer of service on top of what they offer right now. For example, designers and developers can provide hosting services on top of the service they provide. 

Why is Reseller Hosting Better? 

Let’s breakdown the reasons reseller hosting is a solid option:

New opportunities 

Reseller hosting allows you to act as a hosting company and provides different business opportunities. You can sell hosting services to your clients and other businesses and earn money. 


You might currently be providing services like development and design. Reseller hosting allows you to add a new service that not only profits you but also makes your clients’ lives easier. 


Suppose you are a business or an individual trying to make web hosting easier for yourself and your clients. In that case, reseller hosting allows you to tailor the hosting according to your clients’ requirements. You can focus on the main aspects of your business and worry less about web hosting. 

Your Own Identity 

Reseller hosting helps you stand out as your brand. When you provide hosting services based on your clients’ needs, it essentially distinguishes you as a service provider. It helps you build and expand your brand image.

Discover new avenues 

Reseller hosting allows you to discover new markets and customers. You could currently be providing web development services for a set of customers. 

When you add reseller hosting to your business, you can have other clients approaching you specifically for hosting solutions. It opens avenues for new ideas and new business opportunities. 

Best Reseller Hosting Providers

Take a look at the resellter hosting providers that made our list.

1. Best for Cheaper Plans: HostGator

One of the more popular hosting providers and an industry leader, HostGator is known for its low-cost reseller plans for businesses and individuals. 

It provides dedicated physical servers for your web hosting needs. You can expect 99.9% uptime and an RSS feed for your service status. It also provides you with power backups when required and has excellent backup schemes. 

HostGator is compatible with both Windows and Linux, giving you the flexibility required. You can also get VPS web hosting through HostGator and cut costs even further. You can share physical resources with other clients and run your server as a virtual private machine. 

HostGator has regular promotional offers and discounted plans. 

2. Best for Environmental Consciousness: GreenGeeks 

GreenGeeks has come from providing web hosting services to providing reseller hosting services for its customers. One of the few companies using green energy for its services, GreenGeeks guarantees 99.9% uptime and has 24/7 security to protect the data centers. 

You can also expect reliable backup services with GreenGeeks as it monitors and backups its servers regularly. GreenGeek provides a free ClientExec license for resellers with client management needs. ClientExec, along with cPanel and WHM, allow you to have an easy invoicing, support, provisioning and payment system.

While there’s a learning curve to use GreenGeeks tools, it gets more comfortable with time if you plan on using GreenGeek for a long time. 

3. Best for Performance: InMotion

While not the cheapest, InMotion provides ample spaces and bandwidth for your business needs for the price you pay.  

InMotion has several initial plans from which you can choose the plan that best fits your needs. If you’re getting into reseller hosting services, it will be easier for you to explore and choose plans that perfectly cater to your needs. 

Among other features, InMotion also has availed single-click installations for many useful applications, scripts, and packages. It also boasts a 99.9% uptime like its competitors and has schemes for regular data backups. 

While consistently fast, people might prefer schemes offered by other reseller hosting service providers as they’re cheaper. InMotion also does not have frequent promos and offers, making it difficult for people to get its services for the price they want to pay. 

4. Best for Frameworks Compatilibility: A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting offers a range of hosting options along with reseller hosting. With speed and reliability being their primary focus, you can expect little downtime and fast web services. 

A2 hosting also allows you to seamlessly integrate your Drupal, WordPress or Joomla website and allow free migration for your websites. It provides Turbo servers for those who need high-speed access to their websites. 

It also boasts 99.9% uptime and has welcoming prices, even to new users looking for a reseller hosting services provider. 

While the services are excellent and the customer support is generally reliable, some of its tools have a learning curve that might be a little too much to handle for non-technical users. 

5. Best for Reliability and Security: SiteGround

SiteGround provides location-specific web hosting services. It allows the websites to load faster while consuming optimal resources.  

It has data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia. SiteGround offers reliable security and ensures excellent speeds for WordPress websites. 

On top of that, it also guarantees 99.9% uptime and regular backups of its servers. With many schemes available, SiteGround also frequently provides offers and promos where customers can get services like daily backups, unlimited bandwidth and domains for free.  

Keep in mind that while SiteGround has excellent plans, it does not have hosting plans for Windows and offers no monthly shared hosting plans. 

Check Out Reseller Hosting Today 

If you want to get into reseller hosting, there are many lucrative options, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.

It’s important to clearly define your purpose and requirements – Are you starting a reseller hosting business? Are you adding a reseller hosting service to an already existing business?

Analyze the importance of speed and reliability for your business.  

When you have all your requirements defined, you can buy the reseller hosting services from the providers that fulfill your needs at the best cost.