Best Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Services

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Quickbooks online has gained popularity since its inception in 2001 because of the benefits it offers over the desktop version. 

If you choose to use Quickbooks online, it’s important to find the right cloud hosting service, and budget shouldn’t be the only influence in your decision making. 

This article will:

  • Explain what Quickbooks is
  • Compare various versions of Quickbooks
  • Describes the need to host Quickbooks online
  • Factors affecting your choices
  • List the top Quickbooks cloud hosting services out there

What is Quickbooks? 

Monitoring the finances, regular assessment of transactions and proper planning and execution of business strategies are of utmost importance. Business software is extremely beneficial to take out the guesswork. 

Quickbooks is a software accounting tool designed to serve the financial needs of mainly small- and medium-sized businesses. It was developed to help in managing paying bills, tracking income and expenses, generating reports for planning and execution and more. 

Quickbooks Desktop vs Quickbooks Cloud vs Quickbooks Enterprise

Quickbooks Desktop allows you to locally install the software on your PC or Laptop. It’s designed for smaller businesses with few simultaneous users. 

Quickbooks Desktop is potentially more secure because it doesn’t require an internet connection. You can pay for a yearly subscription and pay per user. This could be cheaper in the long run but lacks mobility, has a steep learning curve and offers little automation to manage its books.

Quickbooks Cloud, on the other hand, provides mobility and time-saving automation with real-time sync to manage business books. 

It has built-in automation to efficiently and quickly manage books, provide live feeds and real-time sync. You can even access it from mobile devices and get considerably better after-sales service and support with no or minimum extra payment. 

The shortcoming of Quickbooks Cloud is it has less customizable features and is unsuitable for complex accounting needs.

Quickbooks Enterprise can handle a considerable large volume of data and a huge number of simultaneous users which is suitable for large businesses with more employees’ access to accounting systems. 

It’s a desktop-based product where businesses can download and install the product locally with the highest level of security from any intruders and can also sync with the cloud. 

Quickbooks Enterprise has dedicated customer service for any kind of after-sales services or supports a point-person to reach out. It’s the most extensive and costly product of Quickbooks.

Why Do You Need Quickbooks Cloud Hosting?

Quickbooks Cloud Hosting supports your access and management of business data that involves multiple users. Users may require to access Quickbooks from any location provided there is an internet connection available. It’s not convenient for users to stick to a single PC to access the data. 

Cloud hosting allows a user to enjoy the benefits of both worlds, robustness of desktop version and accessibility of the online version. Through cloud hosting, you can log in to your remote desktop from anywhere, access your data, and use the software just like you would from a local desktop. 

Everyone involved can work on the same information simultaneously, and as a result, get more done. 

What Factors Make a Good Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Service?

Here is what a good Quickbooks cloud hosting service can offer:


Performance fuels the business by accomplishing complex tasks and ensuring optimum output. The best service deploys Quickbooks in High-Performance Computing (HPC) Servers, which offer parallel processing and performing multiple operations simultaneously without any lag. 

Data Integrity

Data integrity is a crucial factor that guarantees and secures the data. As multiple users can access Quickbooks simultaneously and from different locations, ensuring data backup and security from any intrusion and any environmental failures is crucial. 

A good Quickbooks cloud hosting service provides the virtual infrastructure to allow your business to recover from any incidents.


Conventionally, the cost is the major determinant that influences while purchasing cloud hosting service. The service provider’s pricing plan, hidden cost, setup fee, after-sales services and benefits must be considered at the initial phase as some of the Quickbooks 

Cloud hosting services can attract customers with the lowest cost but then fail to deliver better services. This failure could cost your business more in the long run.

The Top Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Services

Take a look at our list of the top Quickbooks cloud hosting services.

1. Best Overall: Ace Cloud Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting provides secure and fast access to Quickbooks desktop from the cloud. It’s authorized by Intuit Inc. and takes pride in 99.995% guaranteed uptime, free 100 days of data backup and 24×7 support. 

Ace Cloud provides hosting to users with an existing Quickbooks license. It also provides a license that can be leased for a low monthly rate. 

There are several pricing plans available. Start at $34 per month per user for a basic hosting plan or upgrade to $400 or more per month for dedicated QuickBooks hosting. 

Ace Cloud Hosting also provides a 10-day free trial.

2. Most User-Friendly: Apps4Rent

Another Intuit authorized hosting service, Apps4Rent provides hosting for QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier or Accountant. It’s extremely user-friendly and comes with preloaded apps and security tools including Windows Defender. 

Apps4Rent guarantees 99.9% uptime and provides 24/7 support. A response within 15 minutes is guaranteed.  

The pricing ranges from $24.95 per month to $74.95 per month. You can add additional users for a fee of up to $16 per month per user.

3. Best for Automatic Updates: Swizznet

Swizznet covers hosting plans suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you already have a QuickBooks license or need to lease a new one. Swizznet has a private server for QuickBooks hosting and provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee, bank-level security features, and double backups to protect user data. 

Another great feature is that Swizznet automatically updates and maintains QuickBooks. The hosting service also ensures a seamless transition across devices, so it’s easier to access data from anywhere or collaborate with teammates. 

If any issue is encountered, 24/7 “Obsessive Support” is offered to handle tech problems. Users have applauded Swizznet’s quick setup and fast and helpful support in their reviews.

Swizznet also offers a 15-day free trial. Pricing starts at $54.99 per month per user if you bring your Quickbooks license. 

It goes up to $114.99 per month per user if you need to rent and host QuickBooks Enterprise. You can also ask about its volume discounts.

4. Best for Nightly Backups: Summit Hosting

Summit Hosting has over 20,000 users, and it has a dedicated Quickbooks server that does Nightly backups. 

Summit Hosting also performs server maintenance, implements Microsoft updates and provides virus protection to keep QuickBooks up-to-date and protected. Summit Hosting provides 24/7 customer service and a user-friendly experience. 

The pricing for hosting only is $53 per month. This pricing remains the same no matter what version of QuickBooks is being used. 

If you need to rent license(s), pricing for the rental and hosting bundle starts at $69 per month. Summit also offers special promotional pricing for new customers and a free 14-day test drive.

5. Best for Commercial Businesses: Right Networks

This hosting service ranks among Intuit’s top authorized commercial hosting providers. Right Networks have a special bonding with Intuit in that if a hosting option is purchased directly from Intuit along with software, customers will be working with Right Networks by default. 

The biggest benefit lies in the fact that Intuit and Right Networks conduct product testing together before product launches. This allows them to correct problems before you ever see them. 

Some aspects of customer service are integrated, which can get you a smoother experience when customer support is required. There is a 99.995% uptime guarantee, automatic data backups, free data migration and enterprise-class security. 

Right Network hosting plans cost more than some of the other alternatives available in the market. The pricing range starts at $57 per month per user. There are also plans that offer additional storage and access to the Right Networks application ecosystem that has over 250 apps. 

Contracts are not necessary, and subscriptions can be easily updated at any time as per business needs. You can also get discounted rates on Quickbooks and hosting bundles. 

Find Your Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Service Now

Cloud-hosted Quickbooks provides advantages like remote access, simultaneous multiple users, data backup, around-the-clock support, extra add-on tools and more. 

Review our top pick for Quickbooks cloud hosting services to find a platform to suit your business needs today.