What Is the Best Podcast Hosting?

Not knowing what steps to take when you create a podcast is a normal thing. That’s why podcast hosting websites exist. They help you through the entire process by providing tools and resources to get you started. It’s almost like a record label for podcasts. The best podcast hosting sites will help set you up for success, all you have to do is create your content.

What to Look for in Podcast Hosting

A website that offers podcast hosting does so much for the creator from providing analytics and listening habits of your listeners to helping you distribute and monetize your podcast. These factors are facets of podcast hosters that you should consider before making your decision. 


Podcast hosting websites will primarily work with subscription-based options. Every website will offer discounts if you pay for the year entirely compared to monthly payments. Each level will be more expensive but will include useful features. You simply have to determine which features are necessary for you and you can always upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs.


You will want to confirm which platforms you can upload to from the selected hosting site. For your podcast, you will usually have to get approval on your own for each platform individually but then can attach your hosting account to the account on the platform. In this list of tips for creating your podcast, Podcast Insights explains how to get your podcast approved on iTunes and eventually each platform. 

Recording and Editing

If you are not familiar with the process for recording and editing audio, you need a DAW also known as a digital audio workstation. This is a program that will record your audio and allow you to edit it and use effects. There are podcast recording platforms that offer free apps to record and edit your podcast easily and upload it straight to their hosting site.


Podcasts can be extremely lucrative if you have the right topics and charisma. Larger podcasts, like the Joe Rogan Experience, have grown to where they are offered deals to only upload their show on one platform. Beyond that, advertisers can offer you direct deals to talk about their products, and if you have a large enough audience, you can be approved to earn money off of advertisements.

The Best Podcast Hosting

Having a quick insight into how podcast hosting works helps you to understand just what you are working towards. Now that you have some understanding of podcast hosting and how it can help you, here are some of the best podcast hosting options out there.


One of the top hosting sites for podcasts is Spreaker. They offer a free app to record and edit that you can use whether you have a subscription or not. Spreaker also provides your analytics details and makes it very easy to set up monetization.


  • Easy monetization
  • Free recording app


  • Advanced statistics are only available with Broadcaster

Best for: Easy Monetization


  • Free
  • $6 per month for On-Air Talent
  • $18 per month for Broadcaster 
  • $45 per month for Anchorman 


PodBean makes it easy for you to spread your podcast to every major listening platform as well as on their own listening platform. From basic advertisements to a patron plan, you can make money when your listeners support your show. You can even record sessions on your phone through the PodBean app and have guests call in remotely. 


  • Remote call-in features
  • Email address collection and sharing
  • Scheduled posting
  • Free website for your podcast when you create your account


  • PodBean branding cannot be removed without the Business plan

Best For: Monetization 


  • Free
  • $9 per month for Unlimited Audio 
  • $29 per month for Unlimited Plus
  • $99 per month for Business 


If you are just getting started in the world of podcasting, Buzzsprout is extremely helpful for keeping it simple. While the simplicity is helpful, you are limited in how many hours you can upload per month. That is only a problem if you upload multiple times per week as well as having longer episode lengths.


  • Free podcast website
  • Advanced statistics for every paid plan


  • Limited by the length of your podcasts
  • Free account episodes are only hosted for 90 days

Best for: Short Podcasts


  • Ranges from free to $24 per month


Anchor is a podcast host powered by Spotify. You can record and do simple edits to your podcast straight through Anchor allowing you to make this your one-stop-shop. There are limitations that come with using Anchor in that any music you use that they provide can only be used while streaming on Spotify and not on other platforms. 


  • Integrate music
  • Easy monetization
  • Easy integration from old hosts


  • Music limitations
  • Analytics are only from Spotify

Best for: Price

Pricing: Free


For every step of the process, Cast has you covered. It is one of the best choices when it comes to recording multiple guests and hosts remotely. There is live text and chat for those involved as well as notes for everyone to follow. All this and there is nothing that you or your guests have to download, as it is all online. 


  • No downloads
  • Easy hosting
  • Live chat and notes


  • Limited recording time

Best for: Hosting Guests and Interviews


  • $10 per month for Hobby 
  • $30 per month for Pro 

Hosting to Make You Heard

When you use a podcast hosting platform to the most of its ability, you are given the tools you need to make your podcast succeed. What you do with that is entirely up to you. The analytics and input from your listeners will help you to improve your episodes all while creating an environment where people can easily come to listen.