Best Pitchbox Alternatives

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Known as an influencer outreach and content marketing platform, Pitchbox is a tool for SEOs, bloggers, and Public-Relation professionals. It works like a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that helps your PR prospects. 

It conducts research on outreach prospects, tracks social media accounts, helps manage campaigns, emails, and helps build relationships. Pitchbox’s primary advantage is that you can work with the results to focus on your business and its marketing instead of spending time on research and analysis. 

What to Look For in a Pitchbox Alternative?

When looking for the best Pitchbox alternatives, you have to make sure that you get everything that makes it better and provides more. Here are a few things that a Pitchbox alternative must have.

Bulk email

Bulk emailing lets you send one email – mostly an email campaign – to a large number of people simultaneously. Content marketing tools generally include email marketing, so your Pitchbox alternative should consist of one. The alternative should also allow you to create email templates, manage them and monitor delivery as intuitively as possible. Make sure the best Pitchbox alternatives include this feature.

Team template sharing

A good content marketing tool allows you to work with your team – collaborate, share and review wherever possible. And so, your Pitchbox alternative should enable you to share your email templates with your team members, reducing the need to recreate the same template. Pitchbox’s alternative should also let you revoke access when required.

Easy to navigate UI / UX

User Interface and User Experience largely determine the usability of any application. Content marketing tools such as Pitchbox are pretty intuitive, requiring some learning curve. But, if your Pitchbox alternative features an easy-to-navigate User interface and simple User Experience, it can simplify the learning curve. Therefore, try and test the user interface and user experience of your potential best Pitchbox alternative.


Content marketing and link building might require repeating some tasks, such as writing emails, prospecting and analyzing leads. But a good content marketing tool helps to save time and human resources by automating these tasks. Therefore, your alternatives to Pitchbox should enable you to automate manual tasks such as prospecting and analysis to help you dive into more critical tasks.

Project performance reporting

After you conduct your campaigns and prospects, reporting helps determine your next course of action, making it one of the essential features of content marketing tools. A best Pitchbox alternative should allow you to manage, view and analyze all your data in one place. The reporting should also encompass all aspects of the project performance such as campaign performance, client reach and engagement, team performance and management review. It should also allow you to generate customized reports with all the fields you want. Overall, your Pitchbox alternative should support various levels of reporting and analysis.

Best Alternatives for Pitchbox

With the best factors of Pitchbox alternatives in consideration, here are a few options for you to check out.


Like Pitchbox, BuzzStream focuses on PR management to simplify outreach marketing so that you can create a ‘buzz’ about your products and services and streamline your link building. 

BuzzStream comes out as one of the best Pitchbox alternatives due to its easy-to-use user interface. BuzzStream offers a significant advantage compared to Pitcbox; it saves you the hassle of searching through for contact information by auto-searching whitelisted websites. 

However, some reports have pointed out that BuzzStream can miss critical human-readable details on images.

As for pricing, its plans start at $24 per user per month and with each additional user, you have to pay $24 extra. Buzzstream’s plan can go up to $299 per month for six users. 

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an application that has been around for quite some time and so has a massive influencer database, making it one of the best tools for influencer outreach. 

Its central focus is on connecting businesses with the right influencers to promote their brand. With its large database, it can connect any business with the best-suited influencers. For such an application, it also has a massive knowledge base that speeds up your learning process of using this tool.

However, despite being an all-in-one tool, you have to pay extra to integrate external email services as it doesn’t have its email marketing software.

It has two types of pricing plans, called Flex and Pro. Flex Plan is for those who handle less than a thousand clients and starts at $49 per month for a yearly package. The Pro plan is for those agencies that oversee influencer campaigns on behalf of their clients instead of themselves. This plan starts at $149 per month for a yearly package. This tool also provides a 7-day free trial.


Klear is a social intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to power its influencer and blogger outreach platform. It uses advanced algorithms to find the best influencers that are most suitable for your business.

Its algorithm considers about 100 social signals, which automatically shortlists and weeds out influencers with fake and inactive followers. It can also provide you with deep insights into over 500 million social influencer accounts. It also has an impressive clientele that includes Coca-Cola, Unilever and Microsoft.

One of its major criticisms is the failure to sync with influencer profiles. It also doesn’t offer APIs for you to download and report on the data.

Klear is ambiguous with its prices as they do not reveal their pricing plans or such information. You will have to contact them to get a quote.


BuzzSumo is a content marketing and outreach, content research and marketing strategy tool. It does include influencer link building and more, but it is best for those who also want a complete content marketing strategy.

If you need engaging content for your social media or newsletters, BuzzSumo can find you curated content ideas. It helps you find the most trending content on the internet – from the most-read blog posts to the most engaging posts on social media. You can also discover related influencers to market your content after. Therefore, it is a complete content marketing strategy suitable for those who want their content on top.

However, this platform has limited outreach capabilities on social networks other than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also doesn’t have automated email outreach services integrated.

As for the prices, BuzzSumo offers four different pricing plans: Pro plan starting at $99 per month, the Plus plan costing $179 per month, the Large plan for $299 a month, and the Enterprise plan for $499 a month. 


Upfluence enables brands to meet influencers. With a database of up to 3 million influencer profiles from a broad range of social platforms, you will be able to find influencers for lesser-used platforms. 

It is best for those who want to penetrate all platforms of social media.

Its advanced AI integration will also automatically recommend influencers according to your industry requirements, help you compare them, and even suggest prices for social media posts based on follower count and engagement. And if you want a content marketing service, Upfluence can provide you with that as well.

However, Upfluence can be a bit difficult to set up and administer. It is not the best tool for beginners trying to get up and running soon.

You’ll have to get in touch with Upfluence with your requirements to get a pricing quote.

Level Up Your Outreach With Pitchbox Alternatives

Moving away from Pitchbox is overpowering. With so many alternatives claiming themselves as the best alternative, it is natural to feel lost. 

Most of the Pitchbox alternates are very similar in the way they work and the features they provide. You might find minor differences in features and prices. However, when making your choice, it’s essential to realize your needs. Your Pitchbox alternative search should be based on your needs and the key decision-making factors. Therefore, realize your key area of focus and your needs and try out their free versions before committing to any particular platform.