Best Picture Editing Apps

When you capture an amazing photo on your phone or mobile device and you want to post it to social media, it is not worth it to transfer it to your computer then back to your phone. Cut out the middleman and edit your photos right on your phone. You can get better filters than any social media app has to offer and even work with detailed editing tools all within the best picture editing apps. 

What to Look for in a Picture Editing App

There are a wide variety of ways to edit your photos. The style in which you want the final product to look will determine the best choice for editing. You could want to focus on editing specifically with filters, or perhaps you want a natural look with your own manual editing. To help you determine which picture editing app is best for you, here are some tips on choosing the right one. 


There are 3 basic tools in photo editing: exposure, contrast and saturation. There are tools that branch off of each of these to get even more detailed but you should find at least these 3 in every app. If you are an experienced photo editor or even someone who wants to become an experienced photo editor, having the expanded versions of these tools will go a long way. 


Working to keep up with social media can be a chore especially if you try to post daily. When you have a photo that needs editing quickly without much hassle, using a filter is perfect. Depending on the app you use, you can even stack and compare different looks and filters to get the best result. 

Image Repair

To repair your image you don’t need a state-of-the-art computer or software. There are apps that offer ways to blend and remove sections of an image to improve the overall quality. Whether your goal is to get rid of people in the background or even to touch up a blemish or two, you can be confident that the task can be easily done. 


If you are not looking to spend any money on one of these apps, be prepared to come in contact with ads. While not every free app comes with ads, popups will be inevitable, especially if the creators are trying to sell the premium version of their program. In some apps you will not come into contact with popups but instead will be limited in what tools or filters you can use. 

The Best Picture Editing App

Now that you have more insight into what you would need or want to look for in a photo editing app, you can sort through these choices knowing what fits your needs. Any of these choices will serve you well but there will be some that excel over the rest. 

Adobe Photoshop Mix

As a condensed version of the full Adobe program, Adobe Photoshop Mix has a great list of tools and settings to adjust your pictures. You can work with your photos in layers as well as cut out and blend parts that you don’t want in the image. And the filters, which are labeled “Looks,” have top-of-the-line presets to get you that perfect look. 


  • You can work on individual layers
  • Adjust individual settings manually or use filters
  • Blends colors


  • Learning curve

Best for: Layering

Pricing: Free

5 star rating 


When it comes to the number of tools available, Snapseed has more than any other on this list. From your ability to manually tune the image to using layers of filters to get the right combination Snapseed will make sure you get the final image you are looking for. You can save your images back into your camera roll as new images or even post them straight to social media. 


  • A vast number of tools
  • Detailed manual edits


  • Learning curve

Best for: Manual Editing

Pricing: Free

5 star rating 

Photo Editor Pro

For anyone who uses solely Android products, Photo Editor Pro is a great choice. With its built-in PNG maker, collage maker and over 100 effects you will not run out of new ideas to try. It is one of the best-reviewed photo editing apps on the Google Play Store with over 1 million users giving their feedback. 


  • Loved by users
  • Lots of tools and effects


  • Has ads for free users
  • Not available on iPhone

Best for: Android Users

Pricing: Free to download

4 star rating


As far as quick results are concerned, Artist is a great choice with all of its easy-to-use presets and filters. For any Apple users, you can find this on the App store. The selection of free tools such as exposure and contrast controls or the smoothing and skin tone tools can feel very limited but helpful nonetheless. If you upgrade to their premium version you can greatly expand the palette of editing capabilities. 


  • Creative filters and tools
  • Free tools as well as a free premium trial


  • Not available for Android

Best for: iPhone Users


  • Free
  • Artist – $19.99 per year

3 star rating 

End all of Editing

The details and perfection of editing with a computer may not be currently matched by editing capabilities on a phone or mobile device, but they are getting closer with every update. If you are regularly uploading to Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, these apps will help you find new and refreshing looks.

They excel in comparison to the basic filters that come built into each platform. Each app has its own appeal, so find which features you’re searching for to help take your photos to the next level. Take that boost and create content that grabs your viewer’s attention. The best part is, most apps have free options, so it won’t cost you a dime!

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