Best Node.js Hosting

Contributor, Benzinga

Businesses of all sizes appreciate Node.js for its ability to create scalable, fast web applications in no time. But when it comes to hosting, not any hosting service will support your Node.js applications’ best features.

Only Node.js friendly hosts let you easily integrate node.js apps with developer tools and APIs, allowing your applications to run seamlessly and exactly the way you want. Choosing an experienced host in integrating node.js apps can be an added advantage for your business. 

What is Good About Using a Node.js Hosting Platform?

Node.js hosting platform is rapidly becoming a popular choice for hosting these applications and for very good reasons. Here are some of them.

JS friendliness 

The very first benefit of node.js hosts is their ability to accommodate runtime environments for JavaScript like Node.js. Also, they support a few specific factors, such as fast connectivity, a massive pool for outsourcing developers and simplicity for language.

Highest uptime

Since the hosting server supports JS applications, they can handle technical issues that can lead to problems in running the application. Because of better handling of Node.js resources issues, you won’t have to worry about unexpected site breakdowns.

Super-fast loading 

All reputed Node.js hosting servers utilize high-quality components and servers like SSD with enterprise-grade, gzip compression and Nginx web server. They are optimized for ultra-speed performance and can load applications lightning fast.

What Factors Make a Good Node.js Hosting Platform?

While several web hosting providers support Node.js, not all of them support Node.js in its entirety. Look out for the following features of a good Node.js hosting platform. 

Scaling options

All websites or applications differ in size, determining the amount of load they put on the server. To ensure that the hosting server runs your application smoothly, you will need nodes to handle the website load. A good hosting service provider will offer you various scaling options (vertical scaling and horizontal scaling), letting you change the number of nodes depending on your site’s size. Similarly, they will allow you to configure the type of resources like CPU, RAM, network and disk you want to monitor.  

Data backup

A good Node.js hosting service provider will always prioritize the safety and security of your information. Hence, they will provide an option for timely backup of your data. That way, in any case of data loss, you will have a backup that you can use to restore your application instantly.

Security of application/code

Developing an application is one part and maintaining its security is the next. The hosting provider you choose must have adequate and vigilant security measures to protect the website and the underlying codes. This way, you can ensure your hard work is kept safe.

Price for value

The market is packed with hosting providers offering many features at a hefty price. If your application doesn’t need all those features, investing in these plans doesn’t make any sense. Look for a hosting plan that offers more economical plans, meets your application needs and gets you richer features. Also, check for hidden charges like tax, extra renewal fee and charges on downgrading your plan.

The Best Node.js Hosting Platform

Here are some hand-picked hosting platforms that are well-optimized for Node.js applications.


It is primarily a platform-as-a-service solution that you can trust to create anything from basic to complex web applications by using various tools and features. 

As one of the most robust and highly reliable hosting platforms, enables you to scale applications faster and efficiently. It can be a good hosting fit for organizations of any size.

One of its downsides is that it doesn’t offer a free version to try out before getting its services. plans start from $10 per month for development and $50 per month for going live.

2. Heroku

Heroku offers some of the best industry-standard features, such as up to 14GB RAM, 99.99% uptime, free SSL and Hobby features. 

It offers a list of affordable plans. In case you don’t want to pay for hosting your Node.js application, you can also use its free hosting.

Their free hosting option, however, comes with a few limitations. If your application is okay with those limitations, this hosting is an excellent place to start hosting your Node.js application. 

Heroku has paid plans that start from $25 per month.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting recently optimized its server for Node.js hosting server to offer high speed and rich customization. While its server’s and system’s performance and capacity are commendable, its customer support is equally trustworthy. 

A2 Hosting is best for those looking for Node.js hosting under shared plans. It also enables you to configure and install into shared developer environments.

Despite all the pluses, A2 Hosting can disappoint with its renewal pricing. It is notorious for offering a cheaper introductory offer, which increases by double when the introductory offer ends.

Its plan pricing starts from $16.99 per month, which will cost $15.99 if you go for a 1-year subscription and $12.99 per month if you go for a 3-year plan.

4. NodeChef

NodeChef utilizes managed Docker containers in a metal server to offer production-grade cloud hosting. 

It is best for businesses looking for the cheapest entry points for Node.js hosting in the market. Despite being an affordable hosting service, NodeChef doesn’t compromise data security. All your information is preserved and protected at a priority level. It is also extensively reliable in terms of consistency of uptime and speed.  

NodeChef, however, can be challenging to work around for nontech people and beginners.

NodeChef offers a single pricing plan at $9 per month.

5. Hostpresto

Along with a fully Node.js optimized server, Hostpreto offers a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and free website migration. Its hosting plans include secure shell access to ensure ease of setup, security and optimized configuration. 

Hostpresto is the top option for those looking for a simple and straightforward hosting service. Moreover, for any configuration changes required when installing additional modules or software, you don’t have to request Hostpresto. This handiness makes application deployment with Hostpresto easier and quicker.

For all the services it offers, Hostpresto solutions are higher priced than solutions provided by other companies.

Hostpresto plans start at $6.87 per month. For an annual subscription, you also get 2 months subscription free.  

A Node.js Hosting for a Better Experience

While making your selection, you must keep in mind that every provider has its own set of features and focal points. A decent Node.js hosting service allows you to deploy, manage and scale your apps effortlessly. It will also enhance your Node.js app’s abilities both in speed and performance.

But considering your priorities is more important when making your choice. Just because a hosting service provider is offering you additional services doesn’t mean you should go with their plans. If their offer does not meet your most basic requirements, you might find it hard to justify those additional features. Look for a free or trial version to get to know their services. Only when you are comfortable should you decide to purchase a plan.