What Is the Best Livestream Software for PC?

Livestreaming has become a popular way to make your content more visible and accessible for everyone. From churches to gamers you can livestream anything on multiple platforms. 

Livestreaming also provides a direct unedited look into your life and what is happening, giving viewers a sense of connection to this raw side of your content. Make your livestreams stand out with the best livestream software for PC.

What to Look for in Livestreaming Software

Different people will have different expectations for what they are looking for in livestreaming software. Depending upon your needs, your livestreaming options will vary on how you use your livestreaming software. Here are the basic elements that will help you to determine the best livestream software for you.


If you are livestreaming, that of course means that you have a video that you are trying to share with your audience. You can share videos from multiple sources such as a camera feed or a screen capture from your game. No matter what you plan on using it for, you want your software to be able to use multiple types of video sources to increase your ways of streaming. 


Once you have established your sources, you will want to be able to choose which shows up on the stream itself. This is done with a switcher. It may not look like an actual switcher that is used in studios, but it can be set up as presets that transition into the shot that you want to be on. 


Layering messages on the screen is a helpful way of showing special messages to viewers without having to totally change what is on the screen. You can also use layering to get the video of a camera onto the screen at the same time as a screen capture, perfect for gamers or presenters. 


Being able to mix your audio is more important than many initially think. If you set it up correctly, you can have control over the levels of each source of audio including your computer sound and your mic input. If you are streaming a musical performance or a church service, you can control the level of the audio that is coming from the sound to make sure you have the optimal level of output. 

The Best Livestream Software for PC

When you apply these resources to your selection process, you can determine the best direction for you to go for the best livestream software for your PC. 


Hands down one of the most popular livestream programs for streamers is Streamlab. Some of the biggest streamers such as Pokimane and Ninja use Streamlabs for all of their streams. It is an all-in-one streaming program that has ways to interact with your chat and stream to multiple platforms at once. 


  • Multi-platform stream
  • Tip alerts
  • Easy setup


  • Higher CPU usage

Best for: All-in-one Streaming Tool


  • Free
  • Prime
    • $19.00 per month
    • $149 per year

5 star rating 

XSplit Broadcaster

Using XSplit is a drag and drop process that is easy to use and quick to understand. You can create custom livestream alerts all while streaming to your favorite platforms. If you are looking for even more, XSplit is perfect for recording meetings, custom live transitions and presets for any scenes you need. 


  • Customization
  • Can screen record


  • Windows Only

Best for: Customization


  • $20 for 1 month
  • $35 for 3 months
  • $70 for 12 months
  • $230 for Lifetime

5 star rating 


vMix is a great tool to stream for any event. Beyond the basic vMix, there are 3 main integrations that vMix offers which all excel in their own way. The first is vMix Call which allows you to interview and chat with up to 8 guests. Second is vMix Replay which lets you playback slow-motion instant replays for up to 4 cameras. Lastly vMix Social integrates all of the most popular social media platforms. 


  • Tools for any need
  • Replay capabilities
  • 4K quality


  • Expensive
  • Only on Windows

Best for: Live Camera Productions


  • $60 for Basic HD
  • $350 for HD 
  • $700 for 4K
  • $1200 for Pro

4 star rating


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned vet, OBS is an easy-to-use streaming platform that lets you set it up however you want. There are audio controls for every possible input as well as scenes and presets that you can set up for all of your camera and screen capturing needs. With high-quality video and audio controls, there’s no stopping you on OBS. 


  • Streamlined setup
  • Custom dock for efficiency
  • Available on all platforms


  • Missing options like integrated chat and themes

Best for: Price

Pricing: Free

5 star rating 

Studio 6

Powered by Vimeo, Studio 6 offers professional-grade video livestreaming for all of your platforms. Tied in with the in-depth tools and compatibility with any type of wired camera and many wireless cameras, Studio 6 will provide all that you need in one place. This is perfect for professional video companies that are looking to choose a platform to stream for their clients. 


  • Wireless camera connection
  • 4K quality 
  • Stream to multiple platforms


  • Only available with Vimeo Premium 

Best for: Professional and Corporate Environments


  • $75 per month

4 star 

Going Live

Using livestreaming to reach anyone and everyone is a powerful tool that many companies either underutilize or misuse. When you recognize how to best reach your audience all while keeping their attention and interest, you will see a growth in interactions.

This will lead to opportunities that you would not otherwise have and you will get new growth through this. Consider which features you are looking for with your livestream, then select the best livestream software to meet your needs.