What Is the Best Keyword Rank Checker?

If you want your website or online store to claim the top spots on SERPs, a good keyword will help to increase your chances of being featured on the top of SERPs.

That’s where keyword rank checker tools come in to give you insights and prospects of your online presence. They will help you get information on trends and organic keywords for your niche, including help with discovering new ways to win SERPs.

By keeping an eye on these keywords, you can easily carry out in-depth keyword analysis and build a strong SEO strategy. Using the best keyword rank checker, you can even spot your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to outperform them.

Why Should You Check for Keyword Rank?

If you’re aspiring to stay on top of search engine results, tracking your keyword rankings is crucial. Keyword rank checker delivers numerous benefits beyond this like the ones listed here.

Monitor your competitors 

A keyword rank checker finds out which keywords perform best for your niche, uncovers keyword trends, SERP and estimated traffic. To gather valuable insights and better compete on rankings, you can track your competitor’s keywords side-by-side. 

Boost your revenue

Moving up in organic search results ultimately increases traffic and generates opportunities for more conversions. With the help of a keyword rank checker, you can quickly recover your lost rankings and boost revenue from the traffic you attract.

Analyze your online visibility

Keyword rank checker provides you the best way to analyze whether your efforts are delivering the results. You can monitor your online visibility on Google’s SERP and optimize your actions based on the daily reports, accurate data and feedback.

What to Look for in a Keyword Rank Checker?

Sold out on the benefits of a keyword rank checker? Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes a keyword rank checker stand out from the rest.

Historical rank tracking

Historical rank tracking allows you to see your keyword position over time. Choose a keyword rank checker which tracks your keyword’s ranking performance and overall visibility. The best keyword rank checkers also track historical rank for your competitors, provide history reports for multiple search engines and uncover your competitive advantage.

Market analysis tool

A business must gain a complete understanding of its current or targeted market needs. The best keyword rank checker should offer competitive analysis and highlight organic search. It also lets you explore your organic competitors and get a hold of keywords that appeal to a broader audience and discover market traffic.

Ease of use

If you can measure your keyword ranking efforts with ease, you can precisely gather data and explore every aspect of SEO in one go. Double-check user-friendliness and intuitiveness of keyword rank checker. Choose one that visualizes your progress with interactive graphs, charts and position distribution.

The Best Keyword Rank Checkers

The current market has many keyword rank checkers who claim themselves to be the best out of the rest. It can be overwhelming when choosing one. To assist you in narrowing your search here is a prepared list of the best keyword rank checkers.


SEMrush has been leading as one of the best keyword rank checkers ever since its outset. It allows you to outperform your competitors by tracking their ranking and helping you make a side-by-side comparison. Overall, SEMrush effortlessly helps you effectively analyze keywords, market trends and organic search.


  • Gives you access to 20 billion keywords 
  • Lists your competitor’s organic keyword rankings 
  • Identifies the best-performing keywords for you
  • Improves your online visibility


  • Can be complicated for beginners 
  • Advanced features are pricey

Pricing: It offers three paid plans — Pro for $119.95 per month, Guru for $229.95 per month and Business $449.95 per month. It also offers a 14 days trial version to let you get a feel of its feature before deciding to subscribe to its plans.


If you want a keyword rank checker tool that lets you choose a plan based on the number of keywords you want to search, AccuRanker can be a perfect choice. AccuRanker, as its name suggests, provides 99.9% accurate results with in-depth analytics.


  • Has an intuitive user interface to get you started quickly. 
  • You can refresh keyword rankings whenever you want. 
  • Easy to manage domains


  • Is an expensive option, especially for small businesses.

Pricing: It offers transparent and straightforward pricing starting from $109 per month per 1000 keywords. If you go with their annual subscription, this cost will come down to $99 per month. They also let you easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.


Ahrefs has established itself as the second-fastest web crawler behind Google. With more than 7 billion keywords in its database, it lets you discover thousands of keyword ideas, analyze their ranking difficulty and visualize your average position.


  • Easily find and prioritize the best keywords for ten different search engines. 
  • The out-of-the-box feature shows the estimated number of clicks for your keywords.


  • Only offers expensive plans 
  • Doesn’t have a free trial version.

Pricing: Ahrefs offers four pricing levels — Lite for $99 per month, standard for $179 per month, Advanced for $399 per month and Agency for $999 per month. A week of its trial version will set you back $7.

Moz Rank Tracker

The SEO community praises Moz Rank Tracker as a lightning-fast tool to check your keyword rankings. It’s well known for generating instant ranking reports, performing competitive research and spot-checking potential keywords.


  • Can effectively predict the search volume of a keyword 
  • Can identify keyword difficulty and optimize suggestions 


  • Customer support falls short of the standard set by other best keyword rank checkers.

Pricing: Moz is an all-around SEO tool set that is not heavy on your budget. It offers a pricing plan from $99 per month that goes up to $599 per month.


SEOprofiler positions itself as a full-featured SEO solution for keyword researching and rank checking. SEOprofiler analyzes your competitors’ keywords to improve your SEO campaigns and puts them down in detailed reports with charts and analysis. 


  • Provides detailed analysis of competitor’s keywords 
  • Allows you to create highly focused keyword lists from 249 million keywords 


  • Limited features compared to its competitor’s 
  • Lacks the in-depth analysis that you can get from other SEO tools.

Pricing: SEOprofiler gives you free access to all tools for a week. Its paid pricing starts from $69.95 per month. Its Professional plan will knock back $249.95 per month and its Enterprise plan will set back $999.95 per month.

To Stay Ahead in the Competition, Use Keyword Rank Checker

Having a comprehensive snapshot of a particular keyword’s value at your fingertip will help better analyze why specific keywords perform better than others. Choosing the best keyword rank checker benchmarks your web traffic and lets you compare it against that of your competitors.

Weigh these tools’ pros, cons, ease of use, affordability and features to free your doubts. Fortunately, most of these offer a free trial allowing you a fair experience before you settle on your choice. Leveraging this opportunity lets you better understand where the tools sit with your requirements. Only after you are comfortable with the tool should you decide to subscribe to it.