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Whether you write for personal pleasure or business, spelling errors and grammar mistakes can leave a wrong impression on your readers. However, grammar checker tools can eliminate or reduce such blunders. 

A grammar checker assists you with grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, inappropriate punctuations and content structure issues. Discover some of the best free grammar checkers on the market now.

What are the Benefits of a Grammar Checker?

A grammar checker primarily ensures the correctness of your content. Aside from grammatical correctness, here are a few more benefits of a grammar checker.

Saves time

While dictionaries may be the most reliable tool for the holy trinity of writing – vocabulary, spelling and grammar – most of us seldom have the time to sift through pages (or apps) for each word structure and correct usage. Grammar checkers automate the processes of corrections, saving you a lot of time. 

Professional Grammar Correction 

One of the core benefits of a grammar checker is to assist you in minimizing or eliminating grammatical errors. Grammar checking tools scan your contents for errors and suggest necessary changes. By using a grammar checking tool, you can create professional and error-free content.

Spelling Corrections 

On top of checking grammar, grammar checker tools also review spelling mistakes in your writing. It displays every spelling mistake you’ve made in your content and suggests the correct spelling. It’s an excellent way to improve the quality of your writing, as well as your language skills.

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism can be a killer when it comes to credibility and search engine ranking. By making sure your content is original and engaging, you gain trust from your readers and establish authority in your field of expertise. Many grammar checker tools offer plagiarism checking that can be helpful if you are trying to establish your brand authority.

What Factors Make a Good Free Grammar Checker?

You can find hundreds if not thousands of free grammar checker tools on the internet. But do the tools of your choice have the following features? Be sure any grammar checker you use meets the following criteria.

Ease of Use

Choose a free grammar checker that is easy to use. If you have to spend more time getting from point A to point B through the tool, you’ll end up losing productive time. Try to make sure that the tool that you are using is comfortable and straightforward.

Fast Results

A lot of the tools available on the market respond slow to the changes in your writing. Spending more than a few seconds to get a writing suggestion can be counterproductive. If you have to spend more time getting suggestions from your tool, it’s probably a good idea to switch to a new option. 


Security should be a key concern when using a grammar checker. Many grammar checking tools available online are infamous for holding your data and using it as they please. 

It’s better to go through the tool’s privacy policy to confirm it is not leaking or misusing your data. Always stick with the tool that respects your privacy.

Multi-Language Support

Even the popular grammar checking tools are limited when it comes to language support. It makes more sense to have a tool that can work across multiple languages in a connected world. A grammar checking tool that supports multiple languages can help you gain extra miles. 

The Best Free Online Grammar Checker

Wondering what is the best free online grammar checker? After using several free online grammar checker tools available in the market, we’ve compiled the following list of the best grammar checkers that are free to use.

1. Best for Multi-platform Support: Grammarly 

Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker available on the market. It helps you find out most of the writing mistakes like sentence structure issues, misused words and punctuation errors. It also suggests writing style, tone and synonyms, which helps you maintain consistency in your writing. 

Grammarly also lets you select your preferred English dialect, add words to your dictionary and even check your texts for different genres. It comes with a plagiarism checker tool and has add-ons that you can use on most web browsers.

Besides the premium version, Grammarly also offers a free tool. It doesn’t cost you anything to add Grammarly to your web browser to proofread your content. 

2. Best for Multi-language translation: Ginger

Ginger can be a great tool if you work with multiple languages. It can translate to more than 60 languages, including Spanish and German. 

Ginger is the best grammar checker free to use for spelling and grammar checking. It also has add-ons available for Google Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge. Ginger fits perfectly with most writing editors, including the editors in Facebook, Gmail and WordPress. 

Like Grammarly, Ginger also has a free version. You can use it to start writing more confidently and clearly.

3. Best for Additional Features: LanguageTool

Unlike other tools in the list, LanguageTool is an open-source application, which makes it unique too. An easy-to-use tool, LanguageTool also produces accurate suggestions that you can even use offline.

LanguageTool can check for grammatical errors in multiple languages such as German, Catalan, Dutch, Austrian, French, Japanese and Tamil. It also has a forum feature that serves both as a customer support center and a knowledge base. 

Like many other tools, it also allows 3rd-party integrations and browser extensions. You can use it completely free of cost, but it has a limitation of 20,000 characters per check. 

4. Best for Quick and Readable Results: Hemingway 

Hemingway is a grammar checker tool available as a web-based text editor and a desktop app. It might not produce detailed suggestions like most of the tools in this article, but it provides you with instant feedback in the sidebar with improvement suggestions for your content.

One of the best features of Hemingway is its readability score. By analyzing your content, it gives an overall readability score. This score can help you understand how well your writing sits with your audience. 

Hemingway uses a variety of colors to highlight the problems with your writing. The online version of Hemingway Editor is free with no restrictions. 

5. Best for Insightful Statistics: Outwrite

Outwrite is an AI-powered grammar checker and proofreading tool. It’s also available in a web-based version that you can add as an extension on different browsers. It also has an app for iOS devices.

Due to its advanced AI engine, you can get detailed statistics on your writing skills based on the recommendations you receive from it. That statistics can prove pivotal in learning about the areas you need to focus on to improve your writing. It’s among the best tools to simplify your sentences and avoid passive voice.

The free plan of Outwrite includes basic grammar and spelling checks, but it puts a cap on the number of times you can review your content each day. 

Find a Free Grammar Checker Today

Grammar checking tools can help you avoid grammatical errors in your writing. Some of them even let you tone your content to the knowledge level of your audience. If you are happy with basic grammar support, any of our top online options can help you polish your content for free today.